Coles Supermarketsmilk

I purchase my milk mainly from Coles Supermarkets in shopping centres however, sometimes I pick it up from Coles Express Service Station (West Wollongong) when I am in a hurry and need a top up. I would like to point out that the "Quick Serve" fridge at the very front when you walk in where milk and other dairy products is stored for a quick grab and pay should not allowed to be in this position and without a front door like a proper fridge. On two occasions recently I have purchased from his area and both my milks expired a full 7 days before the expiry date stamped on the label. and I was left with half a container of sour milk. THis is a health hazard. The position of these doorless fridges at the very front where everyone walks in is clearly being affected by the increase in temperature, sun, etc.

May 07, 2017

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