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I purchased a $30- Cotton On gift card from Coles Warradale SA, paying with my credit card. The gift card did not scan properly & the bottom of the Coles receipt said "3rd Party Gift Card (94) Declined". As the gift card was for a teenager's birthday present I queried why it said "declined" on the receipt & was promptly advised by Cole's staff that it had nothing to do with them as it was a "third party transaction". This was the extent of their ‘help'. I requested a refund or replacement gift card & was once again told "it's not Coles problem" & to contact Cotton On. Becoming annoyed & insisting that Coles needed to offer assistance as they were more than happy to take my money & sell me the "declined" gift card, I was advised that it was Coles company policy Australia wide that it was not Coles problem if any issues arose with the purchase/activation of any gift cards they sold & that I needed to contact the gift card store. When contacted, Cotton On confirmed there was indeed a problem with the gift card & it was unable to be used. They advised me to go back to the point of purchase - Coles. So back I went to Coles Warradale who eventually supplied me with a phone number to ring & then attempted to send me on my merry way. I stood my ground, insisting on using their in store phone to make the call. The call was pointless as that department dealt with Coles brand gift cards only, not other businesses. Complaining once again to Coles Warradale staff, I was provided with yet another number. This time I was advised that if I supplied an email with photos of my receipt & the gift card then Coles would undertake an investigation, check with Cotton On that the $30- had not been used & "may" issue a refund or replacement card after that. No time frame was provided. Again I requested a refund of the transaction or a replacement gift card so that Coles could follow up with the "declined" Cotton On gift card they had sold me. Once again I was told no. Moral of the story is DO NOT buy gift cards from a third party, only purchase them from the actual business where the card is to be used AND do not expect any form of customer service from Coles Warradale, SA who could not have cared any less about the problem THEY created.

Dec 07, 2018

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