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I asked a lovely lady in the deli if someone could assist with with the bread. As she was busy with other customers she called out to 'tony' the so called manager in the deli to assist me. Tony then made no acknowledgement of myself standing there and in a 'couldn't be bothered' tone said one moment. For 4.5 minutes I was standing at the deli waiting for this 'manager' to cut my bread and help me instead she was doing paper work in front of me and determined to finish it off before assisting me! It was absoloutely appalling! The whole almost 5 minutes of watching who go through paper work and thinking 'it must be another tony out the back' she was just doing her paper work and ignored me?! That is disgusting. When she finally came out, she didn't apologise for making me wait she had a huge grin and just was plain rude! Coles in gisborne is the only place I shop because i've always like how easy it is! This happened today at around 4.40pm so I would appreciate it if you went over the camera footage. She is called a manager yet can't be bothered doing her job? The amount of money I spend weekly at coles in gisborne is insane, so i'm reconsidering going somewhere else. It's embarrassing especially when the other lady who was working at the deli today was great. I really think you need to reconsider who you promote because it's managers like tony in the gisborne deli who make you lose business.

Mar 15, 2017
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  •   Mar 15, 2017

    What is it with you people who act like the world must stop hen you walk in the door? You are not special. You can wait a few minutes. Yes, sometimes paperwork HAS to be done RIGHT NOW. Some paperwork has to be completed at the time of an order, or for a delivery, or for a hundred other reasons. Get over yourself. Do you even have a job?

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      Mar 27, 2017

    That may be true but according to the Coles Way (code of conduct) customers come first AND they're to "care passionately".
    I could add more but the point is there should be an automatical apology like "..sorry to keep you waiting, can i help you"
    YES...there should, and YES...they are special because customers are the bread and butter of a business. I think it's YOU that needs to get over your bitter, grumpy, self centered attitude. The moral fabric of this world is just horrendous at the moment.

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  •   Mar 30, 2017

    @Schmooly First off, I do not work for Coles. Second, when my pharmacist is counting narcotics they can not stop what they are doing to deal with a customer. The DEA demands the paperwork be done RIGHT NOW. Customers have to wait. When a Manager brings us change for our register customers have to wait, because the money has to be dropped RIGHT NOW. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. When someone tells you it will be a moment, shut your mouth and wait. YOU are NOT special no matter how much your mama tells you that you are. Sometimes, BUSINESS comes before CUSTOMERS.

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