Coles Supermarkets / customer service at coles world square sydney

Sydney, New South Wales, AU
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The customer service at self check out is pretty rude. Not friendly, they just focused to finish their job and not smile at all. And after help my problem, she just drop my bag of fruit on the FLOOR. Not put it on the side register.
Also when my friend want to pay at check out, when looking out some coins (30 cents), the cashier not friendly said “ can u do faster?”. What ??? We want to pay, not reach out some one hundred pieces of coins.

Also yesterday when I asking for some product that only left 1 on the rack, and it have been ripped. I ask did they still have some stock. The man only saw it a second and said, not that is the last. And walk away. Not bother to pick up that ripped product away .
This is really different from what I saw and done with your coles job stimulation on your website for applying the job.
Most of customer service there is not friendly.
Please supervise and train them how to do the hospitality.

Thank you

Nov 20, 2016

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