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Last saturday the 12th of august I called into coles at glendale to purchase a few items which included a phone recharge for my 12 year old son's phone, after I came home I put his recharge aside till sunday night so I could recharge his phone to give him credit for the month as I refuse to allow my son to go to school without any type of credit on his phone incase he needs to contact me. I tried to recharge his phone with the voucher I purchased from glendale coles only to find it was not going to work I tried a further 4 more times with the phone and another 3 times on the internet but everytime I tried it just came up with error contact provider or store voucher came from. Yesterday I returned to coles at glendale to inform them what the voucher was doing to only be treated like I was a thief and I was a lier, I was told no refund and no replacement because they assumed I had used it and wanted another one cause I was lying about the problem., I have never been so ashaimed of how I was spoken to and belitted in front of other customers, I am an honest and trustworthy person and as the voucher was a $20.00 recharge there was no need for me to lie and try to rip coles off, it really is not worth it., after 20 minutes of trying to explain that optus had told me there was a glitch in the printing of the voucher I then had to walk all the way over to optus to ask them to try the voucher and then ask for a letter to explain the glitch so I could take it to coles to get a refund or replacement., after another 45 minutes and another phone call to coles and to optus head office, the manager of optus gave my son free credit for a week and asked me to return to coles after optus workers spoke to coles. On my return no apology just another voucher which I took only to try and recharge my sons phone again and once again the voucher did not work, I called optus again and they tried once again only to find the same problem., I do not understand why this problem has not been fixed, there must be more than myself that has had this problem. I have decided not to use coles for my sons recharges anymore, I spent money on fuel, phone calls and was made to stress out from being treated like a criminal and embarrassed in front of other people when in fact I was being very honest and truthfully very nice. I have never felt so annoyed and disgusted in anyone as much as I felt yesterday, what ever happened to the customer is always right. This world is becoming full of untrusting people and that is so wrong. Thanku kindly mrs karon parkes...

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    Something needs to be done with re-training staff at supermarkets like coles to help staff treat customers with respect and dignity. I will never allow a shop worker talk to me like that again, i am a person with feelings not a lier or a thief. Mrs karon parkes...

Aug 14, 2017

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