Coles Supermarkets / collection of large metal rubbish contains at very early hours 2/3am every second morning.

Coburg north, Australia

The collection of waste BIG meal bins at the rear of Coles Coburg North Village on the corner of Gaffney and Sussex street . The rear Coles in (Meriom)street (short dead end st) off Sussex street, as a resident and a local customer of Coburg North Coles shopping Village. My place of residence in Sussex street, I live right opposite this dead end street ( Merion st) the rear of Coles with my three young children. Now we can live with the non stop of delivery trucks 24/7 day n nite, but the collection of the large metal waste bins we cannot. For I am complaining along with my elderly neighbors next to me. Now enough is enough as our daytime routine of life is being effected, especially my young childrens sleep and there emotional aspect in general not to mention the effect it is having on then on there schooling. The thunderes roar that echoes back up from the dead end street (Meriom) upon collection with the most thunderes bangs and scrapping of metal on metal and along the bichem at these small hrs of every second morning has now taken its toll on myself, my three young children and my Nice neighbors . I'm asking someone to consider this fustrating and very totchers situation for all who reside on Sussex st opposite (Merion st) the Delivery and Collection point at the rear of Coles. I promise you that if our Concerns falls on deaf ears I will be taking to social media, Council and mainstream media. Kind Regards, John Conadis. Coles Group Co, Hawthorn Melbourne, Victoria

May 19, 2017

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