Coles Supermarkets / coles comfy bots nappies, walker 13-18kg 48 pack.

NSW, Australia

Hi just letting you know about the new nappies that you have recently changed to, they used to be a great product and the only nappies that I would purchase, but the new one's are terrible, the fit is bad, the absorbency is nowhere near as good as the previous product. The new nappies do not even last the night, the babies and their bedding was saturated in the morning. The grip tabs are week and stretch far to easily and allow the nappies to sage. They cut into their legs now and leave red marks on them. With the previous product none of these things never ever happened. I hope you can fix the problems with this newer unimproved unimpressive product. Feeling a little ripped off with this product unfortunately.

Jan 20, 2017

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