Coles Supermarkets / call centre

Sydney, New South Wales, AU

Fix your call centre systems. I find it incredible that in 2016 you still need to use an external or even internal Translator service for short calls. I've just been on the phone with your services to help my mother activate her card and she was refused to be spoken to because of her broken English. I do understand the need for translators as our country is a melting pot of languages. I do not however, understand the rudeness and bluntness in which your workers handle such situations. I was there to translate every single word and yet your representative found it unacceptable and also would not permit me to listen in. I know you have rules or regulations that must be enforced, however in my honest opinion your call centres rules are outdated and need to be reprogrammed asap; especially during the busy Christmas and holiday period. Perhaps the solution is to find less rude employees to accommodate to the vast plethora of International Languages and peoples that inhabit our great Australian nation.

Dec 05, 2016

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