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260 Derrimut road, hoppers crossing, Victoria, MN, Australia
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Phone: +61397489734

I have always filled my car to this service station, as I have done every week since I have lived in this suburb, for six years now.
I have my children in the car, and my little 2 1/2 years old asked to come with me so she can go to he toilet. And I so I took her with me and asked the attendant, Ajay, and he told me to asked the manager at the back if the shop which I did. They both said they don't have a toilet. I explained it's not for me to use it's for my daughter and she really need to go. But they insisted that they don't have a toilet. I have said that it is not right for a service station not to have a toilet, surely they have a toilet to use for themselves. My daughter at this point really squirming and ready to go. So I turned to her and said if you have to go then you have to go. Leaving us no option to use the toilet . And she was going because she started to wet her self . Not that she wanted to but because has to go ..and she was just toilet trained too.
The staff member, Ajay, eventually let us in to use the toilet. I was very thankful and apologetic at that time for finally considering to let her use the toilet because that save us a lot of trouble and embarrassment.
But, me being thankful was quickly angered when Ajay turned around and told me that I will get him fired for using their facility, and that I was a bad mum for not taking my daughter to the nearest toilet, and that I should take my daughter to red roster to use the toilet there instead..
And he was saying this in front of all other customer . I told him I was thankful he let use their staff toilet but I don't like his attitude and that wasn't good enough judging me. I told him I'm going to fill a complaint in this and left the counter but them he followed me in my car and started arguing, again in front of all other customer filling up their car. I told him to move out of the way and attempted to open my car door and he closed it and blocked my way and was on my personal space, and insisting and arguing with me.
I left that service station really upset. If I was the one that needs to use the toilet and was refused that would be different I can hold it until u get home, mo issues, but for a child you can't say that!
For a device station not to have a toilet facility is ridicules. And to reason out that it's policy that you can't let anyone use the toilet is obtuse reasoning.

Coles Express

Apr 16, 2014

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