Coldwell - Diana Rogers / realtor

East Hanover, NJ, United States

AWFUL nasty woman showed up at my apartment while my 18 yo son was babysitting while I was at the gym and tells him she has an appt to show my apt. WRONG. My children leave the apt and call me. When i called this woman who was in my apt without my.consent she told me to tell my husband to check his cellphone! First this is not 1955 honey I am talking to you..Second, neither my husband nor i ever received much less assented to this "appointment"

She should have apologized but instead GAVE ME an attitude. I feel violated. How horrible! She should clearly know better. And to lie to my child to gain entry??! Unconscionable. I will be filing a professional complaint as well.

Coldwell, teach your agent the meaning of APPOINTMENT.

Coldwell - Diana Rogers

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