Coldwell Banker/Realtyreally poor service and communication

I am contacting concerning business that was recently done through one of your agents. I was referred to Jim Wolfe by the Dave Ramsey show in November 2009. My wife and I retained Jim in order to complete a short sale on our home. It is now September 2010. There was an offer and short negotiations up until February. There has been a poor and lack of communication and not much has been done to complete the short sale. The mortgage company told me that there was a lack of communication and the agent told me that they were lying. At this point I definitely believe the Mortgage company. I am pretty much in limbo and have been since February 2010. My wife and I were left wondering and guessing. This is not a good situation when it comes to my home. My over all concern is that this is my home and I did not receive the best service and I feel that my situation was made to be unimportant. I am not sure when and if my home will go into foreclosure. I have contacted the agent various times in order to get an update. At this point I do not know what else to do. All I asked for was communication. If the deal could not be done then it would have been nice to be told so. I am considering hiring and attorney but thought I would contact your offices in the mean time.


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