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My brother passed away Feb 23 2016 and at that time he owned one Bitcoin that was being held by Coinbase San Francisco. Since that time we have furnished all the proper legal documents to have this turned over to his surviving siblings, my sister, my brother and I. At first they were quite helpful and advised what legal documents would be necessary. On april 7th we completed this task and sent them to The Coinbase dropbox via email and received confirmation. Since that time they have stopped all communication with us. We fear they have taken our money possibly when it was at near 20, 000 earlier this year though we have no proof of that. We are currently in process of notifying the San Francisco District Attorney and the California State Attorney General's office. We are all in our mid to late seventies and have very limited funds to pursue this matter and they know that. We will never give up trying to retrieve what is rightfully and legally ours.

May 31, 2018
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      Jul 01, 2018

    This one bitcoin matter has now been resolved and we have received our bitcoin.
    Bob Hennessey

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