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A Nov 14, 2017

I have an account with funds in with coinbase. My email accounts where compromised a couple months ago. As i had issues with my mobile contract provider regarding a nearly new phone id purchased it was suspected the phone was rooted. Since then the phone was returned and mobile number associated with it. As all my authentification for emails accounts etc were associated with this number i was locked out of my email accounts and my coinbase account. This was explained to coinbase thoroughly through various emails and all information and identification provided. I STILL have no access to my account!!

It has been that long i have managed to regain access to my email accounts and trading account with other companys. Whilst coinbase is still sending me the same request over and over again and ignoring my emails requesting my account to be unlocked...

I stated in my first ever correspondance with coinbase it is not on their side i had been compromised it has nothing to do with them.

They still send me same email asking questions that are not relevant to them and asking for information which is impossible to provide!

I am based in the uk so i will not be wasting a phone bill contacting their disgraceful incapable customer service.

This has now lead me to believe that there has been some misconduct on their behalf as they keep ignoring my requests and still after nearly 3 weeks have not give me access to my funds which i deposited myself.

I want my money and i will never trade with them again!

I can provide any further information you require i just want my money out of my account.

I am seeking legal advice here in the UK about this



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