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Cognizant Technology Solutions / Very poor service!

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Cognizant Technology Solutions doesn't take care of it's employees. There are no reward systems and the salary is very low. I joined as a lateral recruiter in India with a comparable salary, but I was forced (to the point of threatening) to go onsite to USA since I was visa-ready and there weren't others available with the required skills and a visa. At onsite, my salary was very low and I was not able to take care of my wife and children on this salary. I worked long hours - day and night and never spent time with my family. This created a rift with my wife. My manager gave me promises of promotion and so I worked. A promotion also meant that my salary would increase and this could help me take care of my family in USA and my parents and brother in India. But when the time for promotion came, my manager said that there are others on the queue and he also reduced my rating since only those who have to be promoted gets high ratings. In Cognizant, during appraisal times, the manager doesn't rate us according to the work, but rather according to the people his manager tells him needs to be promoted. I was unmotivated and asked to go back to India immediately, but my manager gave me false promises of promotion in the next cycle. When I refused to believe him, he along with his manager threatened me and insisted that I don't leave. I am the only support for my family, so I had to stay. Then, in a few months, due to poor code quality from offshore, the project got scraped and I returned to India with my family. I was moved to another project. My offshore salary is now as low as the base salary. The new manager refused to nominate me for promotion because as expected, 1. he already has his list of faithful people that need to be promoted 2. I just moved into the account and new people aren't supposed to be promoted. 3. I got the lowest rating because those who are to be promoted gets the highest ratings even if they are poor at working. 4.The people who butter the senior management gets promoted. It has reached a point where the manager will directly tell us that he will give us the lowest rating because he cannot promote us and it has nothing to do with our work quality.

I have given my resignation and will leave soon. But those who are planning to join Cognizant, please remember to not move from country to country and please don't plan to stay long enough to get promoted. Also remember that offshore code quality is poor and onsite coordinators will be stressed to produce some quality code. Offshore works a lot, but it is difficult for us to anticipate customer needs without actually facing them once. In offshore the main developers are young freshers without experience. The Senior Associates and APMs should start coding, instead of blindly using the rest of us as scapegoats.


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N  22nd of Nov, 2009 by 
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The Senior Associates and APMs should start coding, instead of blindly using the rest of us as scapegoats.
- Great statement i strongly agree this, At least they should do Code review before the module delivery to the client by young evangelists.
A  27th of Dec, 2010 by 
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I too aggree.
N  17th of Apr, 2011 by 
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100% true
A  10th of May, 2011 by 
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I agree boss. Still 100% true.Juniors with less skill people get promoted within 2 years
A  24th of Aug, 2011 by 
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Yes man, you are right.. Cognizant sending their associates to do without skillset job. Any one can be mapped to any skillset... Not a trustworthy company..
A  16th of Mar, 2012 by 
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I'm encountering the same situation now. Even the HR is not taking any action on such unethical managers. very very worst company to work.
A  26th of Feb, 2013 by 
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I too 100% agree about what he experienced, that was happened in 2009, but still in 2013 also Assoicates suffering with same as he experienced in organization.
A  27th of Apr, 2013 by 
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Its 100% true.. I was in on-site and I had to work 15 hrs a day..even if I had some illness I had to work without any rest ..as I was the sole developer cum on-site lead. I wanted to get rid of the tremendous pressure and was also having health issues due to so much work. I managed to get offer from a different company and finally resigned. Now two three managers in on-site started threatening me, that you cant leave and if you do you might see the consequences kind of attitude... Its not a very bad company but some of the development projects are very bad that is what I feel..but one thing is for sure..code quality is very poor.. very ordinary students get selected in cognizant..then the training is bad.. the leads who should guide the freshers themselves don't know anything..the offshore managers think they should only do two or three jobs..that is selecting the ratings who should get what.. and allocating resources to their projects..and play political game...
A  6th of May, 2013 by 
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I joined as a lateral in CTS and recruited by the comapany as a java resource but after joining they put me in Automation.
N  6th of May, 2013 by 
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First, I dont understand, how can a onsite pay be less ! that too USA ? !
And second, can any one tell me why we are asked not to jump from country to other country. The pay will be definitely more in other countries than in India, is it not ?

May be there is something i am missing or dont know bout this... can anyone advice ? :
A  15th of Jul, 2013 by 
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the most screwed up company i have worked with i am trying to get rid of this company not able to due to my commitments, After 3 years i get promoted and salasry reduced :) B******rds I am still in the company helpless god save people from a company like this.
A  13th of Dec, 2013 by 
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Dont use Managers..Because there are good managers and leaders in this owrld. Just use damagers and 100% true.
A  13th of Dec, 2013 by 
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Exactly true experience of the words of the post and comment by Employee_cognizant.
I agreed. I am totally aware of that an IME team in Hyderabad who gives promotion for those people who give money, gold, liquor, girls t their manager and please them. Horrible and pathetic to say that this company wont go anymore in India because of these B********S
This whole management people are blind and they are born for different fathers. We employee cant expect any justice for the low cadre employees like developers, Senior associates etc. If anyone who born for one father can take this issue and investigate and can make appropriate rectification.
There are good branches good managers and highly qualified and skilled people are ashamed to say we are in CTS. That is the real situation. It had a good name but it is going now because of F*******G A*********S
A  11th of Jan, 2014 by 
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HR people & their advertisement:
HR people came to our college. told a lot of good things about cognizant mainly the revenue part and cognizant beats TCS, INFOSYS blah blah blah which has no relation with the work culture and employee satisfaction.

Work culture in COGNIZANT:
Official timing 9.30am-6.30pm. but it was only for the new people. all the senior members of the team comes to the office @12.30pm. they come to their chair put their bags and go to ground floor for breakfast & morning cigarette. they come to their seat @1.30pm open their desktop check mails (official & personal), facebook and it's 2pm for lunch break. lunch break breaks @ 3.30pm they again come to their seat open their desktop and start a phone call. at the end of the call no result and they start quarreling among themselves upto 4.30pm. @ 4.30pm again smoking time which ends @ 5.30pm. after that official works starts from 6pm. till that time new people have to wait. obviously @ 6.30 they want to go back to their home but senior people don't give permission.

Bench culture in COGNIZANT:
HR people should get a Nobel because they continuously lying to the new people by saying there is no bench in cognizant!!
after training (the most low grade training) new people are deployed into various projects as BUFFER resource that means no allocation, no visibility to client which convey the message to the company that these particular employees did nothing for the company.
Project managers & other seniors take the new people to do their work by them and they just come to the office and do nothing but time wasting which is described in the above point and before the delivery day they panics and create lot of pressures to the new people. After successful demonstration they took the credit and the new people gets nothing but he has is no right to say this if he says it he will be in global bench.

Rating & Promotion:
The only key to get promotion is Buttering Buttering & Buttering.

I have 20 months of experience in this company and finally left it on 3rd April, 2013. On the last day HR called me for exit interview and asked whether I have plan to rejoin. I said NO.
A  7th of Apr, 2014 by 
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its 100% true.
A  27th of Jun, 2014 by 
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Great Qualities:
Brainless Mid-level Managers,
Poor Organisational structure,
Merging irrelevant streams into a single unit and comparing associates for appraisal/promotion,
Encourages only people who Butters managers,
Hike % can be utilized to pay tax.
A  27th of Jun, 2014 by 
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Winning a lotto lottery is much easier in cognizant rather than getting promotion. CTS is worst of lot and if you are onsite its worst of all Promotion you may have keep appeasing your manager and his family . put lot of likes on his facebook page. Love him adore him adulate him and if you can not do any of the things then suck it up . Promotion is far fetched dream for hard-workers smart workers and sincere workers. Cognizant is worst company i have ever worked.YOu have to be YES Man of your M.
A  28th of Jun, 2014 by 
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I strongly agree, he people who butter the senior management gets promoted and not because of Work :(
A  13th of May, 2015 by 
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I have an experience of 4.5 yrs in Cognizant. When i joined cognizant, i had almost 3.7 yrs of experience of IT exp and 1 year of Non-IT exp. They gave me Associate-Projects as designation. From past 4.5 yrs, nothing has changed for me. I am struggling to get the promotion.No one cares. My salary has increased only 1.5 lakhs. I have worked so much for the company doing all the good job and getting client appreciation. All worthless to the management. These people hire new resources with experience much less than mine and give then Sr. Associate designation with good salary. I saw people having 5.5yrs of experience getting Sr. associate designation and salary upto 10.5 lakhs. Mine after working for 4.5 yrs is still 8.13 lakhs. The only good thing which happened to me in past 4.5 yrs is that i got UK onsite opportunity that to with a visa validity of 1 year. Cognizant has made a salary structure that anyone at Associate level wont get salary more that 40k and hence his visa cannot be extended. Onsite client needs me but the poor company has its own rules and regulations. For me, the only option left is to quit cognizant and give a swing to my career. Cognizant says' HERE WE GROW'..this tag line is nothing but a myth. In reality, here we don't grow rather than we get frustrated. I have made my mind to quit cognizant by this year end if i don't get promoted. And someone ask me the question that would i like to join again, then my answer would be a Big NO.
N  11th of Oct, 2015 by 
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I have worked for 4 Years 8 months in Cognizant Technology Solutions. September 25th 2015 was my last working day. I had to quit the organization because my manager was monitoring my mails and communicator chats. Each and every chat on oc was viewed by manager. At first i thought it was ok but later he started monitoring my phone as well. Each and every call and message, messages on whatsapp, viber, etc on my phone was viewed by that cheap guy. Gradually he got scared and asked others to access my phone. Gradually many managers got involved in this including the HR's. List kept on increasing i could here many people discussing about my personal life. I can think of only one reason why he did this was he was very possessive about me i guess and i still cant imagine why other people where discussing me, my personal life is as normal as anybody else's. Other people instead of confronting him joined him in this shameless act. I had no other go than quitting. Now i am still not sure whether they are still continuing to monitor my phone. I am unable to use my own phone and this is very frustrating. Spying is an illegal act atleast now they should stop as i have quit the company. I have already changed my number 2 - 3 times. Can somebody please help me ?

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