BluecubeIT / Bluecube Information Technology Complaints & Reviews

Blue Cube It / Sap fico

Jun 17, 2015

Blue cube it is fraud. . I had signed up for sap fico, but they just completed the fi part, and after charging the full amount state that they don't train on the co portion. Don't trust their word. . . Piece of crap. . . Provides all false promises. . . I had signed up for sap...

bluecubeIT / Java tutotrial / Fraud...Doesnt complete the course

Feb 09, 2015

They promised so many things to cover on java training but later they are they want more money to for those classes which was part of course contents. please be careful with them and don't pay ( if it happen) in cash /check. Always credit card so that you can charge back !!! stay away from these guys Rajesh

Bluecube IT / Fraud - Failing to deliver, now not responding about Refund

Jan 03, 2015

I was promised that I will be refunded initial deposit if not satisfied by training, but trainer was under-qualified and never appeared after 1 class Purchase Date: 11/20/2014 First Class Date: 11/21/2014 Problem Date: 11/25/2014 Sales rep: Raj Patel ([email protected]) Payment Amount...

BluecubeIT / Bluecube Information Technology / Cheating and Fraud

Dec 01, 2014

I was asked to pay $900 for SAP-HANA course. Before starting of the course they promised lot of things like mock interviews, Resume preparation, Marketing . Once the training started it didn't went well as the trainer never showed interest in providing proper training . Once the...

Bluecube IT / Fraud company

Jun 26, 2014

Hello Friend, I have joined SAP APO online training program with this FRAUD company. During initial discussion Vivek has told me that they will train me on DP, SNP, CIF and will provide all training manuals with class recordings. During actual training (after payment) trainer told me he...

Blue Cube It / Don't use them

Apr 29, 2014

Yes they did it to me as well, $200 ..That Sam and all the people in this company are a total fraud. I was to take the sap sd class.When I called in the beginning, they kept calling trying to get me to register for the $800 course though in the beginning Sam had lied to me that it wa...

BLUECUBE Information Technology Inc, / Cheaters

Apr 15, 2014

They have collected $1000 from me for the training in SAP FICO and they did not responded to my calls and emails. They are cheaters and tried so many times to reach them. These people are from Hyderabad, India and said initially about the Job and best training. They all are fake and...

BLUECUBE Information Technology Inc / Fraud training/Placement

Mar 21, 2014

They cheated many people including me. First all beautiful lies and once they get the money for training they never receive your call or reply to your emails. That Mr. Sam, Rahul & bluffs. Mr. Sam is expert in convincing people and get the money after that he will always be in a meeting...

BluecubeIT / About Training and placement

Dec 16, 2013

Hi there, There was a company named bluecubeit (online training solutions). i'am done training with SAP FICO by bluecubeit. after training they didn't placed me anywhere. i thought they were cheated me but after few days i got a cal from that company and finally i got a job. Thank you bluecubeit

BluecubeIT / Unknown persons fake bad reviews about my company

Sep 23, 2013

i have 2 bad reviews about my company in your complaints board. their profile names is charmie, myopinion. that are very wrong and details not 100% correct and seems very strange that our opposition joined the day before, i'm unable to reply to answer the review. it could be damaging...

blue cube IT, CO / cheaters

Jul 09, 2013

They took $700 for training course ( CCNA). Never provided any service after training. No interview set ups, no assistance with job finding. Ben was a person who speaks nicely to you to join the training course but then never comes on the phone to further assist with job placement. We...

BluecubeIT / Fraud Training/ Placement - Refund of fees

Apr 17, 2013

I was told there is a job opening for SAP FICO Junior Analyst for a client in Seattle WA. Since I am MBA finance they said my resume was shortlisted by the company and i needed to take a traning for the position. They asked me to pay 1100$ for training and placement. They gave all detail...

BluecubeIT / Cheaters fraud

Dec 20, 2012

The most hopeless organization i have ever worked with. Do not go on the awesome website and do not trust them for training or placements. Payed the fees for training, attended demo session. I dint like it decided to not go with it and it took 8 weeks and may be 100 calls to get my refund back...