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Doddakannelli, Sarjapur Road
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Wipro Technologies
5090 Explorer Drive, Suite 800/803, Mississauga, ON L4W 4T9
Tel: +1 289 374 2000
Fax: +1 289 374 0005

Wipro Solutions Canada Ltd.
11th Floor, 909 11th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2R 1L7
Toll Free: +1 855 360 4835
Within Canada: +1 780 420 7875

Wipro Solutions Canada Ltd.
#100, 10040-104 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5J 0Z2
Toll Free: +1 855 360 4835
Within Canada: +1 780 420 7875

USA Midwest
Wipro Technologies
One Lincoln Center, 18W 140 Butterfield Road, Suite 395, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181 4835
Tel: +1 630 613 2303
Fax: +1 630 424 0283

Wipro Technologies
129 East Crawford St., Findlay, OH 45840
Tel: +1 419 581 4419

Wipro Technologies
South Point Tower, 1650 West 82nd Street, Suite 725, Bloomington, MN 55431
Fax: +1 952 948 9641

USA Northeast
Wipro Technologies
2 Tower Center Boulevard, Suite 2200, East Brunswick, NJ 08816
Tel: +1 732 509 1500
Fax: +1 732 514 0860

Wipro Technologies
1114 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 3030, New York, NY 10110
Tel: +1 212 895 1100
Fax: +1 212 391 3942

Wipro Ltd.
120 Madison Street, Tower II, Floor 12, Syracuse, NY 13202
Tel: +1 315 350 5401
Fax: +1 315 425 5950

Wipro Technologies
601 13th Street 11th Floor South, Washington, DC 20005
Tel: +1 202 534 1794

Wipro Technologies
1900 Crown Colony Dr, Suite 205, Quincy MA 02169
Tel: +1 617 793 9135

USA South
Wipro Technologies
Highland Manor Drive, Suite 250, Tampa, FL 33610
Tel: +1 813 906 3771

Wipro Technologies
3535 Piedmont Road NE, Building 14 Suites 300/1400, Atlanta, GA 30305
Tel: +1 404 504 4500
Fax: +1 404 846 0595

Wipro Technologies
3575 Piedmont Road NE, Building 15 Suite 600, Atlanta, GA 30305
Tel: +1 404 504 4500
Fax: +1 404 846 0595

Wipro Technologies
15455 Dallas Parkway, Suite 1450, Addison, TX 75001
Tel: +1 972 789 7812
Fax: +1 972 239 8311

Wipro Technologies
1080 Eldridge Parkway, Suite 1400, Houston, TX 77077
Tel: +1 281 870 7500
Fax: +1 281 497 1214

Wipro Gallagher Solutions
18001 Old Cutler Road, Suite 651, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
+1 305 251 6648
+1 305 251 6654
Fax: +1 866 483 2061

Wipro Technologies
810 Crescent Centre Drive, Suite 400, Franklin, TN 37067
+1 800 989 9996
+1 615 221 7300
Fax: +1 615 778 1545

Wipro Technologies
1201 SE 8th Street, Suite 11, Bentonville, AR 72712
Tel: +1 479 553 0100
Fax: +1 479 250 1004

USA West
Wipro Technologies
2700 Gambell Street, Suite 310, Anchorage, AK 99503
Tel: +1 907 792 2700
Fax: +1 907 276 0496

Wipro Technologies
425 National Avenue, Suite 200, Mountain View, CA 94043
Tel: +1 650 316 3555
Fax: +1 650 316 3468

Wipro Technologies
411, 108th Avenue, NE, Suite 1900, Bellevue, WA 98004
Tel: +1 425 945 3100
Fax: +1 425 454 2581

Wipro Technologies
5020 148th Ave NE, Suite 100, Redmond, WA 98052
Fax: +1 425 896 3381

Wipro Complaints & Reviews

Wipro — pf withdrawal

Hi Team, I am struggling with family after I was made quit Wipro by some people. Now, to support family, and being jobless, I submitted PF Withdrawal Application and wrote to...

1 comments Job & Career  · Dec 30, 2019

Wipro — payment not received

I was worked as a DNA engineer in calicut, kannur, malappuram locations. Mr.Cecil recruited me, I was joined December 17 2018, and resigned on January 19 2019. Because I got...

Employees  · Dec 10, 2019

Wipro — credit card

HI, I would like to know who is taking extra 419 Rs from my EMI, In fact there is two EMI's which are incorrect. Merchant has charged correctly. However CITI bank is doing...

Credit Cards  · Nov 07, 2019

Wipro — full and final payment

Hi there. My name is Debadri Chakraborty with employee Id [protected]. I have already submitted a complaint in this portal but that was of no use. My last working date was on 10 th...

Employers  · Oct 18, 2019

Wipro — employment letter

Hi, I worked in wipro for almost 8 years and this is the the major part of my career. I did not receive my experience letter when i quit and now i need experience letter with...

Employers  · Oct 02, 2019

Wipro — pf

I had leftwipro on 04.07.2019 employee id ba637875, i have. Been trying. To withdraw my pf money and have submitted all my documents and required forms but 09.09.2019, they have...

Bad Business Partners  · Sep 30, 2019

Wipro — I am complaining about an wipro team lead who is involved in fraud

Hello, there is an employee who's name is srinivas Rao gorumutchu who is working in Statestreet in Quincy in MA. He is doing a long fraud.. instead of hiring wipro consultants i...

Contractors  · Aug 08, 2019

Wipro — cctv camera installed in our flats

The cctv camera installed in our flats are not working since we entered our new house before 3 years. It was a bulk purchase by our builder for 250 flats. We have compalaint many...

Building, Construction  · Jul 05, 2019

Wipro — hr communication after selection

I've been interviewed in Wipro in electronic City office on May '19. They called me by giving very short notice. Informed just 1 day before and not ready to reschedule...

Job & Career  · Jun 11, 2019

Wipro — employee provident fund

Iam an former employee of wipro. I worked from 07.02.2011 to 30.09.2015. I have not withrawed or transferred my wipro pf to the other company. I want to withdraw my wipro pf...

Employees  · Jan 19, 2019

Wipro — about incident wipro.

I have been working with wipro since 2017. Recently I suffered from health problem in this time I did not came to office I informed to the my supervisor regarding this at the...

Appliances  · Nov 01, 2018

Wipro — about hr negligence

30181I have received interview call letter from Wipro and went for interview today to Bangalore electronic City office but I got to know after reaching venue that there is no opening...

Wipro — wipro consumer care

My Name is Hanna Emil an Egyptian national, business development supervisor at Wipro Unza Middle East. Wipro Unza Middle east is a branch of Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting WIPRO...

Cosmetics  · Aug 01, 2018

Wipro — wipro long service award/gratitude reward

Hi Team, I left Wipro on 8th June, 2018 after completing 5+ years of my service (by May 2nd, 2018). I received a gratitude voucher from Wipro for my 5 year completion which i...

Employees  · Jul 06, 2018

Wipro — stay bill of wipro employee not settled

Hi, This is Vinod Thakur - Front Office Manager at Radisson Blu Hotel Haridwar, India. I would like to submit my complaint against Mr. Maheshwar Sharma an employee of Wipro, who...

Bad Business Partners  · Jun 05, 2018

Wipro — offboarding settlement team

Worked with Wipro for a short amount of time. After I resigned, I was contacted by the offboarding team asking them for my bank account to pay me the balance settlement amount. I...

Wipro — i'm complaining about replacement of led bulb.

I've bought a pack of 3 led bulb of Wipro garnet 10w on 4th August, 2016 from Snapdael. Out of two becomes defected without covering its guarantee. A complain ID was launched with...

Wipro — job complain

I have got the job in wipro on jan 1 2017 but recruiter Hr Sheel Raina in electronic city wipro and other Hr Irfan hader in sarjapur wipro other person lie me . after taking...

Wipro — cfl

30181We are a retailer. And we bought the product on 2014 from a wholesale dealer Mattathil Agencies Kurvilangad Kerala 686633. Now we have situation that we have sold the product on...

Wipro — unpaid contract

Hi There, I worked for Wipro from August 2015 until Dec 2016 on contract in Vancouver BC. The client was Kit & Ace. For which I was paid without problem. I was then given a...

Wipro — senior level recruitment process

WIPRO HR & Senior Leaders can be very fickle-minded & capricious even uptil the penultimate stage in hiring, so please tread with extra prudence when applying there & don't forget...

Wipro Ltd. — hr negligence

591586Hi Team, This is Suha Fuawad and I have worked with Wipro Ltd in Noida for 24 months as a customer services associate for TalkTalk process . My employee ID was 613425 and...

Wipro — hr and settlement team

About my service @WIPRO: ================ - I joined WIPRO as a WASIAN at 2007 and have been working for WIPRO for the past 7+ years and would always continue to work for WIPRO...

Wipro — disturbing by sending un necessary mails evryday.

On 2015, I gave an interview in wipro bps. It was for the process Talk Talk Tech (talk talk telecom - uk). Took 14 hours for completing an interview. Wipro bps rule (As informed...

Wipro — not yet received offer letter

I have attended interview at Wipro and got selected. Now its almost 8 months over, but still I didn't get the offer letter. I called them to know the status. They said right...

Wipro — issue not resolved

Go ahead and work in a grocery shop or work in a small company BUT DONT EVEN THINK OF WORKING IN WIPRO. I have worked in 4 org in total in 12 years of my tenurity, Trust me. They...

Wipro Bpo — insecure work place

Hi my name is Payel, I worked in Wipro BPO for seven months, Kolkata location for United Health Care Group- Claims Processing. After my Job confirmation I had been harrasaed...

Wipro Bpo — inaccurate pf amount received

Dear Sir, Most humbly and respectfully I would like to state that after waiting too long for my Provident Fund, I have received lesser amount, the total amount received even...

Wipro Bpo — pathetic employer

I am with this blood sucking company for last 4 yrs...not that I am too happy with the company... but I am looking for the right opportunity for moving out...though 4 yrs is a...

Wipro Technologies — absolutely useless products and customer care

I purchased this 19" Viewsonic monitor model VA903B-2 (VS11305) in June 2007. But after 1 year and 5 months of use, many of the pixels became dead. I handed it over to Viewsonic...

Wipro,hcm780m — monitor

regarding my personal computer [Wipro], it's monitor HCM780M, whose serial number :- [protected] and SS. NO. 8856...has a long time problem about 1 years that, it'...

Hcm780m,wipro — monitor display

SIR..., regarding monitor...display block characteristics which is operated manually by buttons situated bottom of monitor is anytime coming at the centre of monitor...

Wipro Desktop (S. No:08banl02900003 — not working


Wipro — worst customer care service

Firstly, the advise rendered by the customer care executive (Cce) over the call was false which resulted in me recharging for certain amount which bears no resemblance to my need...

Wipro — terrible quality product

I had purchased Nokia 6270 18 months back .It had lots of problem like: 1)Slider problem. 2)auto restart. 3)S/w problem. 4)Memory card lock. 5)Network problem. 6)poor video...

Wipro Technologies — homepage not displying

From the morning i could not access webpage. i think the server is down. i am able to access all the other pages. I even asked my friend to try to access from his DSL...

Wipro — straitened services of airtel

Complaints on "Airtel - Bangalore" Read more complaints on this Company Airtel - Bangalore Posted: 2007-05-07 by Deepak [send email] Pathetic customer care! Complaint Rating...

Wipro Technologies — regarding interview

sir, on 28 th march i have recieved an interview call from you that you are shortly opening branch in Noida. For that branch you have require ment of 25 candidates. you have also...