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Your marketing department clearly has no respect for your customer base. Once again your company has taken a well-established product with a loyal customer base and "improved " it.

I for one bought a lifetime supply of the new product from a vending machine. Flat, too sweet, and a chemical aftertaste. I will change back to my pre-Coke Zero Diet Pepsi for as long as it takes for you to realize and admit to another stupid move.

The former New Coke events are a cornerstone case study in business schools as a marketing disaster. One would think the new generation in your marketing and R&D departments would want to avoid a repeat. But here we are.

You may attract a few new customers but you will lose other loyal ones. If you wanted to bring a new product to market, do it and have both the new and old customer bases.

And do you really think your customers are so stupid as to not realize that Coke Zero was zero calorie/sugar. Your customers aren't stupid. However, your marketing executives appear to be.

Sep 04, 2017
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  • Di
      Sep 13, 2017

    i have been drinking Coke Zero since it's first release, , , , , the only diet type cola that has ever actually tasted like the original product. now, , , you have once again ruined a good thing and lost a very long time customer. i drank regular Cokes for many, many years till diabetes forced me to give them up, , , , , , , , but then ya'll came out with Coke Zero, , , closest thing to regular Coke ever. this new crap is just that, , , crap. glad i bought only one. and i can assure you idiots that i am done with Coke products forever!

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  • Va
      Sep 28, 2017

    There is no sense in this, Coke replaced a great soft drink with one
    That is awful. In my area Coke Zero sold really well, why would they remove a good selling product? They got lucky with this once but this isn't the same customer base as it was in the 80's. Foolish

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  • Ga
      Mar 01, 2018

    Coke Zero Sugar does not compare in quality and taste with Coke Zero. I have been a Coca Cola drinker for approximately 60 years. Coke Zero provide a tasty alternative to Diet Coke. Zero was an "acquired" taste and that taste provided a "bite" ... with no sugar that soon became my primary soft drink purchase. However, the change to Zero Sugar was worth a try. More than once have I purchased a 6-pack of Zero Sugar to find bottles that tasted like "colored water" and did not satisfy as Zero did. Such a product by Coca Cola makes one believe that Diet Pepsi is a better alternative.

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  • Lo
      Feb 15, 2019

    I never thought something would make me buy Pepsi products after 70 years of being a coke fanatic?
    Your new Coca-Cola ZERO sugar has done it. Why would you take a perfectly good product & ruin it?

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