Coast Dental / disrespected intimated devalued

Venice, FL, United States

I entered the office to inquire if there are any cancellations for a cleaning. NO. I presented what I thought was a common complaint of frustration: "Why do Friday's have to be half days, they used to? I work 58-60 hours a week with Fridays and Saturdays off. I need the hygienst and she can only work when the doctor is present, and he leaves on Friday during mid =day. Consequently my appointment is moved several months in advance. The appointment setter empathzied and I was calm. Then this employee from behind her aggressively engaged in a verbal altercation with me stating that she works 60 hours too. I asked her why she said that, and she said, "because YOU said it." I'm thinking, why is this lady taking her persoanl frustration out on me, and then she SMIRKED. I inquired about her smirk which made me feel de-valued as a client, and she just coninued to smirk. I felt intiminated and my hands began to shake, and I needed to leave. I cancelled my future appointment, because I feel the work environment in the Venice office has a propensity to be unprofessional, and hostile. I didn't feel safe returning to recieve dental care due to that employee's inability to control her emotions. And, I have had good treatment so far from Coast Dental, to get THAT blasted at me from out of no where. Good bye, I'm not putting my care in in the hands of someone who struggles to manage their own stress and frustration in an ineffective manner.

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