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I made it clear to Coast dental I strictly wanted my teeth cleaned. After spending $500, my teeth still arent cleaned, COAST handed me a bill for $4, 000, 00 for peridontal treatment before they would clean my teeth. I called another dentist who told me they would clean my teeth for $85.00 plus $35.00 exam. I spent $500 at Coast, and 2 wasted trips.

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  • Fr
      Oct 19, 2009

    I have found that in Georgia, same as Florida, the dentest will not perform a general cleaning. They always insist they perform a deep cleaning test first, which always results in deep cleaning that generally costs approx. $250.00 per upper or lower side each. If you refuse the deep cleaning they will refuse to perform general cleaning. When you tell them you are the patient and the customer and you will decide the cleaning they simply refuse you service. They are all out to goudge the patient.

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  • No
      Nov 14, 2009

    As a visitor to Florida, I did not want to go all the way back home to have my teeth cleaned. So, I made an appointment with Coast Dental in Port Richey. They made an initial exam and took x-rays and then referred me to a periodontist because they claimed that I had periodontal disease. Since I have gone to the dentist twice a year, for at least the past 15 years, I thought that their diagnosis was doubtful.

    I called my dentist at home and explained the situation to him. He reviewed my records and compared my most recent x-rays with those taken 4 years ago. He said he understood why Coast Dental came to conclusion that they did, as he had thought the same thing when I first went to him. Moreover, I saw a periodontist last year for another problem and there was no mention of periodontal disease.

    My dentist explained the issue, which I then relayed to Coast Dental. I also gave them my dentist's name and phone number and asked them to give him a call. They refused outright and said that they would not clean my teeth unless I saw the periodontist.

    They billed my insurance (they are a participating provider in my network) and then sent me a bill for more than the amount of my responsibility as indicated on the explanation of benefits from my insurer.

    In addition, at the initial visit, they offered to perform a check for cancer at the rate of $50.00, which involved putting some type of solution in my mouth. I declined.

    I mentioned this test to my regular dentist and in his opinion, if the solution that they use to test for cancer is what he thinks it is, it may itself be carcinogenic. Also, my regular dentist includes the cancer exam as part of the routine examination.

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  • Lu
      Aug 05, 2010

    I also have spend many dollars at Coast Dental. Because they have certain procedures, Coast Dental is not very senior friendly. I also was told, after sitting in the chair for an hour and a half that I would have to see a periodontist and have surgery and root planing. The doctor never came into the room and examined my mouth. Well, I said no and asked the hygenist if she would just clean my teeth. The answer was no, because it would spread bacteria. I left after they gave me a quote of $242.00 for a filling.

    I went to my old dentist. I had my teeth examined and cleaned and made an appointment for the following week to have the filling taken care of. It will cost $114.00. That is without insurance.

    I would not recommend Coast Dental to anyone.

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