Coach / coach men’s leather messenger bag

Hanover, MD, United States

Dawn, self-declared “Assoc. Mgr.” at the Arundel Mills Coach Outlet in Hanover, Maryland was rude and extremely difficult to work with. She did not value or respect me as a customer. I had to call Coach CustomerService (Dawn gave me the number since she would not assist me further). The agent was incredulous at how I was treated and asked to speak with Dawn. She refused! Dawn insisted that the customer service agent call her at the store. She would not use my phone. Dawn was being downright difficult! I cannot believe that Coach trains any of its employees, especially someone claiming a managerial title, to act in such a dreadful and unprofessional manner. She had no concern for customer retention and, believe me, Coach has lost this customer forever because of Dawn’s lack of professionalism and dis concern for the customer. I had a messenger bag, which was unused and still being sold on the store shelves. Dawn refused to return it to my credit card since it was Oct. 18 and the ship date was Sept. 8. Customer service said that she could make an exception, but Dawn refused. Dawn was on the phone with the customer service agent for 20 minutes. If Coach cannot return this bag, then Coach can take me off of their mailing lists and forget about seeing me for birthday and Christmas. I will inform my family that I will not accept any gifts from Coach, either. Coach can thank Dawna at Arundel Mills for that!

Oct 18, 2017

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