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I recently fell behind on my payments. For those of you that have criticize others on here, let me make one point, and that is that I did always make my payments, and fell behind due to a medical condition that kept me from work and drained my savings. I called CNAC, and advised of the situation. I tried to work with them, offering partial payments, but was declined. CNAC stated that the only option is to make the total payment. CNAC then began harassing me, acting as if I was dodging them which was NEVER the case. The contacted friends and family members, my place of work, and even called my neighbors. The would call their homes, cells, and places of work. I even was advised that CNAC had stopped at my neighbors to get personal information about me. I asked several time to stop the harassment, but they advised that they have every right to call, and stop at the residency, of anyone they want to contact me. Again, I NEVER dodged their calls, and always returned calls that I missed. I finally was able to pay the past due balance that was owed after returning back to work, and getting my Federal tax return. The local office closed recently, and the nearest office is now 45 miles away. They demanded that I drive the 90 miles, round tip, to drop off the payment. They offered to take the payment by phone, but will charge a $5.00 fee, plus I know that they keep my cc# info and do not want to take a chance with these people. They also offer a auto pay, but again, I do not trust these people. I sent the payment to them via certified mail. Enclosed in the envelope where two money orders, a letter giving official notification to discontinue calling my friends, family, and neighbors about my account or to get info about me, also a SASE so they could send a receipt for the payment back to me. The letter was received by CNAC the very next day, and two days later I received my SASE, but enclosed was a receipt for less then what I had paid. I also received a letter advising me that my car insurance had been canceled and needed reinstated. This did occur and was due to my financial problems. It had been reinstated, but CNAC had not received notification. Immediately called CNAC and was advised that they did receive the full past due payment, but that they said it was my fault that I didn't get a receipt showing full amt. REAS: I sent 2 money orders and only one SASE!!! That makes no *** sense. The advised that they will send the other receipt. i also advised them that the insurance was reinstated, and that I will fax the info to them, but due to my work schedule, would not be able to do so for 2 days. I later receive a voicemail message from CNAC and I was advised that they would send the receipt but not until I send the insurance info! I immediately called the BBB regarding this issue. Was advised that they are required to give me a receipt for payment and that I had gone above and beyond by sending a SASE. I called CNAC and advised that I had called BBB and filed an official complaint, That I will not tolerate being bullied by them, and that until they send the receipt for my last payment, no future payments would be sent. I placed the payments in an account, and planned on sending a copy of the receipt to them. Before I was able to do so I received a call back advising that the receipt has been sent to me, and apologized for their actions. I also learned that the FAX number they had given me was no longer in service (I'm wondering if they didn't pay their bill). Since then, the insurance info was sent, I'm up to date on payments, and I haven't received any further calls (and neither have my friends, family, and neighbors) I recommend NEVER getting a car from JD Byrider, Never get financing from CNAC! I know I wont!

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  • Ap
      Aug 02, 2012

    These people are ### sucking no good liars! They got mad because I refinanced for 10% interest instead of their 21%! I didn't have bad credit like they lead me to believe when they pulled up my credit score!
    People, do not go to JD Byrider! You will be sorry when you're paying double what your car is worth and no dealer will refinance (like I did) or trade it in because it lost so much value compared to what you owe on it. They do this on purpose to keep you trapped hoping you'll default on your loan and they'll repo the car and sell it again!
    My point is don't go there. There are other ways. Before you do anything clean up your credit and even if you have to wait, it'll be better than having a car and then having to get bent over backwards and squeezed dry. Check and see if your credit is as bad as you think. Even if you get a high interest rate it shouldn't be boldly ridiculous.
    I don't know why smart people keep falling for this age old bottom feeders who prey on the desperate because THEY are desperate. It's a cycle.

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  • Kr
      Oct 27, 2012

    @ apps44cal
    Jd byrider and CNAC deals with bad credit then good they go by your Vico scores they are target/ attach to a Vico score of 520. They love that score. They target people with bad credit. Because the lower the score the more they sock you with payments. Car notes at Jd byrider is usually bi weekly not once a month they do that so they can get the value of the payment. They collect it and divide a portion goes to the manager of the location and a portion to your loan officer and the rest to the bank.

    The over pice the car blue book for one thing to make extra money to keep them in business.
    I used to lease a car my friend who works for the location i went to let me know this how the company works. The company also takes the car to aution when it is not being paid for and handed in. The amount the bank gets from the car aution and the amount is still owed they said you have to pay for that.But normally the car will sell at aution for all the amount they are looking for they will try to clean the car up and triple sell the amount of the car then it is worth to get rid of the car.

    They buy cars and sell cars when they are not being paid for at the aution it is a guessing game when getting a car at the car lot at JD byrider.

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  • Ra
      Jul 31, 2014

    I am tired of the bottom feeders like these guys. I may have to pay for my mistakes, but I will do everything I can to keep anyone else who will listen from doing the same!

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