Club Wyndhameminar (customer service)

Good morning Sir/Ma'am:

I was invited to attend one of your Club Wyndham Seminars for 22 April 2017 . I spoke at length with one of your representative at the Expo (2 April 2017)who seemed pretty genuine and agreed to show up at the seminar. On the appointed day, I showed up, but forgot the document the representative gave me. I'd taken an Uber to get there and was a little flustered by the attitude of the personnel at the front desk. A friend of mine was also in attendance and she was dealing with her on set of issues. Once we got everything situated, I filled out more paperwork and took a seat to wait for the seminar. A few minutes later, I was called back of the room and questioned about something that I mistakenly marked. As a retired disabled vet, with a government job, I make well over the amount of 60k per year. Your rep then asked me if I had my taxes with me to prove that I made over 60K . Initially, I began looking for it, but could not pull it up on my email. Then, I began to think...See Top 10 Worst Companies in Virgilina, VA"is this there way of weeding out who they think want buy anything?" Since when do you expect someone to pull out there income tax documents to attend a vacation seminar? I'm not buying a house from you. So, I pulled up a document from my employee to show what I made per year as a government employee. I was was told that due to me marking the wrong block, that I couldn't cross it out and initial it because of some type of audit. I thought that was weird, because again, as I stated earlier, as a former soldier, when a mistake is made, one crosses it out and ads an initial. I currently belong to another vacation program and only agreed to come to this one because I wanted to see what your program had to offer.
It took me a while to write this complaint, because not only had I wasted my time & money (uber) but I was a little embarrassed by the situation. Funny thing I noticed was the other two ladies who were told to leave due to one not having a credit card (she makes $125, 000.00 per year as a GS14 in the Government) and the other because her husband would not attend. We thought it quite amusing that your employees would ask us to leave and you could have had three potential customers.

May 11, 2017

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