Clicks Retailers / service at clicks stores

11/06/2018 - I looked online for a product that Clicks is selling called Regal for animals, i phoned 2 clicks pharmacies. Brackenhurst didn't even bother to go to the isle and look even after i spelled it she got it wrong and i asked her to go and look and she put the phone down in my ear twice. I phoned lemon tree and they also said no but i should try alberton. I phoned Alberton and the guy who answered the phone put me through to the dispensary of all places, and she went to the isles and said to me yes they have it.
I find this very unacceptable that there is no service and no one would like to get off their chair and go and look when you phone.
I need to know why it's available online but not in your stores? And Why does your staff not know what you sell in your shops.

Jun 11, 2018

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