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On the 26 may 2018 at clicks phalaborwa I bought an iron which to my suprise was R499 instead of R184 which was displayed, I immediately told the cashier (Malatji) that the price is R184 not R499. She then called her supervisor (Given Mabasa) to intervene, that was the wrong turn. Given was assisting another cashier and he shouted and said Russel hobbs iron will NEVER be R184 it might be safeway, I politely ask him to come with me of which the was only 1 price of R184 on the shelve with 2 different Russel hobbs iron. Instead of admitting the mistake he aggressively said can't I see the iron on special is not the same, I said to him the is only 1 price on the shelf for the 2 different iron of which to my understanding its the same price which is only visible. We argued until I asked him to call the manager but instead he called the packer who deals with the electronic department (Kulani) and Kulani explained politely and patiently that the mistake has been done, that he removed the price earlier on as it was an incorrect price. Given said you see the iron will never be R184 instead of him apologizing or calling the manager as requested of which I insisted as I could see that we dont reach a conclusion.

The manager (Kekana) was embarrassed and humiliated by Given, if I was her I was gonnaresign. I walked away as I was feeling pity and embarrassed on her behalf, the manager asked me what was the problem and as I was about to explain Given was busy interrupting me and making it difficult to explain to the manager. The manager ask him countless time to give me a chance to speak which he agreed after fruitless times, what a good manager you have. She apologies for the store's mistake and on Given bad client service and even ask Given to apologies of which he declined. They kept on arguing in front of me and my husband, the level your manager is been disrespected make me wonder if you hired her out of merit or what. She is not treated CPAeslike one and I asked her how will Given a talk to me with respect while he cant respect her as the manager? Given need to be taken to training or workshop for client service, he is impatient and think what ever his saying is correct. I mean it was simple as saying I apologies for the mistake but his pride doesn't allow him. What does the CPA says?

Clicks Retailers

May 26, 2018

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