Clicksprescription never in stock

I have diabetes and need 2 types of insulin every month. I am usually given a 6 month prescription and collect the meds at Clicks Empangeni Sanlam Centre. Since I handed the prescription in to the pharmacy, they have never had my medication in stock. Every month I go to collect it I get told a different story. eg: "The person who was on duty when you handed your prescription in, didn't enter it into the system and now the physical piece of paper it was written on is gone so they can't help." (It was then that I got frustrated and carried on until they finally gave me the meds and 'did me a favour' by entering into the system). A month later when I went for the next dose I was told " O sorry we haven't ordered it for you this month please come back another time" I MEAN COME ON !!! I'm not ordering bubble gum!! On top of it all, they speak to you as if you are really irritating them and they have better things to do. All in all I think the management is horrendous and they need to start being picky about staff, hire people that actually know and understand medicine, not people that might serve better in a tuck shop.

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