Clicks / Gillette / unfair competition forfeiting

Jhb, South Africa
Contact information:
Phone: 011 826 2610

On Monday 19 January just before 10h in the morning I received a phone call from Terri Groenewald, who works for the competition department of Clicks. Terri informed me that I purchased a Gillette product and swiped my clubcard, so I gained automatic entry into a competion. She asked me if I knew about the competition and I said no I didn't. She proceeded to update all my details and then told me that the reason for her call was to inform me that I won the competion. I asked her what the prize was and she said it is a vespa, I do not recall the model number, including a helmet, dot tracking system, licencing and registration, all valued at R100 000. She said I am responsible for insurance and tax. I was absolutely blown away! I asked her if she was serious and she said yes, I won. I asked her 'what must I do now', to which she replied that I need to do nothing, she will give my details to the nearest vespa dealer and they will contact me to go and choose the vespa and it will all happen within 30 days. I once again said I cannot believe it and she congratulated me on winning the prize. Six hours later she phoned me to say I am forfeiting the prize because I did not sign up on the movember website, which was one of the terms and conditions. I asked her why she phoned me in the first place to tell me I won and she said it was an error on her side, she is sorry. I was totally shocked and then phoned her back to say how unfair it is to tell someone you won a prize without checking if they meet all the criteria first. She just apologized and said there is nothing she can do. She phoned me back after a few minutes to offer me a hamper as an apology for the inconvenience. I phoned her back this morning to state that I am not happy with that at all and this was completely Clicks' error, why should I suffer the consequences? She phoned me back later and offered me a hamper from her supplier and a R1000 voucher from clicks. I asked her multiple times if that is the best clicks can do and she said yes. I said I would rather not accept it right now as I do not feel it is fair. That is not a 'life changing' gift where as a R100 000 vespa definitely is. I did inform her that I will have to take it further. My point is this: why did she not check that I met all the criteria before phoning me? Surely when I asked her what I must do now, she had an opportunity to tell me about the criteria? My only conclusion is that she also didn't know about it.. She asked me if I knew about the competion and I said no, how could I register on a site to win a competion I didn't know about? Shouldn't that have made her think twice? My emotions have been in disarray since the first phone call. My question is: how do I handle this, is it fair to do this to someone? Clicks records all phone calls, so all the conversations are on record. Please how do I proceed from here?

Jan 20, 2015

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