ClearTripregarding trip [protected] and [protected] are taking bookings for Nainital Cable Car Ride. URL for the same is (

So I book 7 tickets from for Nainital Cable car ride. The booking was for 1 May 2017 at 10am. There was not clear information how we will get the entry to the cable car. So I called the cleartrip call center and asked how should I proceed with this booking and she told me that go to the counter and show the email. This email is your ticket.
On the day of activity we went to counter and shown him the email. The person at the counter said this does not mean anything either I have to buy ticket or check with cleartrip. So after going through email again I found Lalit Arya number. So I called Lalit at 9:45, and he was very arrogant person. He fist denied that we had any bookings. After explaining him for some time, he somehow found our booking and said that it would take him 20 min to send the tickets to us. The reason we did online booking and spent nearly 40% more than the actual ticket was to avoid waiting. After waiting for 30 min we booked the fresh tickets from the window and went for the ride. His person called me at 10:30 asking for our location. I called clear trip for refund and they denied. One thing Lalit mentioned was I should have called him a day before my activity, which was not mention in any instruction either on webpage or on my confirmation email.
It was responsibility to make sure that there agent delivers me tickets on time.


May 17, 2017

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