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I was waiting for the bus to go to Wakaf Bharu. Guess what? I've been at the ugly bus stand since 9.15a.m and the bus arrived at 11.00a.m. I saw a bus schedule at the bus stand. It says that there'll be a bus at 10.00a.m. I've been such a fool waiting for the bus. It even worse that I was late to attend my class. My teacher was really angry because its not only 10 minutes but an hour! Then, when the bus arrived, the bus driver scolded me for no reason! I'm hoping that I could yelled at him at that time. But I believe that I should behave well because he's only an old man who works for his family. I'm not that rude too. Well, I'm having a tough day because of staff like him. I'm really hoping that the company will train the driver to be more punctual and please respect the passenger too. Passenger wait for ages just for the bus. Please be punctual! If they can't be, why must they have that stupid schedule? Thank you for your consideration and time.

Jan 25, 2017
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      Jan 29, 2017

    Hey bro, is this your first time waiting for a bus here? You have to learn fast that the buses are NEVER punctual.

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