CityBookers5 refunds pending since february, march, august, september, october and one unfortunately cancelled flight in november

We are an extremely well reputed company where we book our own staffs through online booking sites. Unfortunately we came across Ciry Bookers since the flights are cheaper most of the time compared to any other sites.

However, we faced numerous problems booking with them which lead us to completely stop using their site but, we have pending refunds that unfortunately until now have not been refunded. We've sent follow up emails and call them everyday but what we unfortunately received scripted, well orchestrated answers from agents saying that they have a problem with their bank, technical problem with their accounts department, etc... all lies they can tell you 🤦🏿‍♀️

We will fight till we get our money back, weve raised the issue to the credit card company already and we will also obtain the advise of our lawyer, as they should not operate anymore.
This should not happen in Kuwait, I hope authorities will be aware of this as there are a lot of people who are being robbed online by this company.

They are unrealiable and untrustworthy!!!

Dec 01, 2018

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