City PowerUnfair disconnection, now charged for reconnection

I wrote 2 weeks ago complaining about the fact that City Power does not warn when they cut off electricty. The response was that it was cut because we were overdue. I am pleased to say that that was not the case. I have since registered online and can view our statements. To take you a few months back, our May bill was R2386.67, we paid R2400. June bill was R1458, we paid R1500. July bill was R1660.47, we provisionally paid R1400 and when we got the bill we paid on the 4th the remaining R260. August bill was R1980, I can see on the statement that we provisionally paid R400 on the 27th August, we did not receive a statement and on the 17th of September the power was cut off.

Whoever responded to my complaint did not even check our account. I am going by his or her words that : 'City power does not cut if you owe the latest acc, unless the prevoius months you did not pay then we do disconnection if your acc is in arrears'. Clearly we were not. We were wronged and inconvinienced. Now to top it all, we are charged a reconnection fee of R1370. Based on what? Please rectify the account, I really do not know why City Power is doing this. We do not want to be inconvinienced again.

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