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FerrellGas Complaints & Reviews

FerrellGas / Delivery services

jimdavis577 on Jan 18, 2017
I call to schedule a delivery because my tank was extremely low( gage not showing any propane) I was out of town for an extended period of time. So I scheduled for delivery, was told there is no way to get next day delivery and soonest would be 2 days. However they have policy if your tank...

FerrellGas / Non-response to emergency gas leak, poor customer service

Cat Singletary on Jan 15, 2017
1/10/17 contacted ferrellgas through online form requesting someone come out and check tank because it was showing low status and had just filled in november and wanted it checked out. They called and would not send someone to check until I paid $49 rental fee first. 1/11/17 called ferrellga...

FerrellGas / Propane Delivery

eileens5 on Jul 29, 2016
I ordered propane on 07/20/16, and asked them to fill the tanks. I use the propane for my swimming pool and hot tub. They came out on 07/27/16 and filled the tanks. I was not home, and the tanks were empty, so after filling the tanks, they shut off the propane, leaving a note that I should...

FerrellGas / Propane delivery company

PKZ1 on Feb 25, 2016
I did not have a choice when I bought my house 8 years ago as to who supplied my propane. But from the start it's been a horrible experience dealing with Ferrellgas, several missed deliveries resulting in no gas in the lowest temperatures of Winter. After finding out that their installed...

FerrellGas / Filling Tanks

Reviewer24826 on Jan 12, 2016
I have tried to be patient with this company but, they have chosen to continually fail at performing the only duties they have. Fill my Tanks. I have two tanks on my property. 5 times...5 times they have filed to fill my tanks. I am even on a must keep full account. Which means they look...

FerrellGas / Lowering Standard of Customer Service

Reviewer80827 on Nov 21, 2015
I've used FerrellGas since the purchase of my house in 1997. Throughout that time, I was on an automatic delivery, pretty consistently needing my propane tank filled every three months. The propane heats my hot water and my dryer. This past year, FerrellGas sent notification to...

FerrellGas / Overcharged my account

repair26624 on Oct 21, 2015
Ordered a tank refill online. Heard nothing from them. Checked my account online and found I had been billed for 605 gallons of gas. The problem is I only have a 100 gallon tank??? No explanation. Have waited 3 days to get a credit. Still have an empty tank. Called the home office and they...

FerrellGas / Poor service

ithaca customer on Feb 28, 2015
We phoned and emailed when our tank was at 20%, then at 15%, then at 10%. Now we are under 5% and almost out of gas and still no one has come to fill up our tank. The ferrellgas representative we've spoken to on the phone has been unhelpful and uncaring. The customer is made to feel...

FerrellGas / Overcharge and bad equipment

Dianne Bishop on Apr 17, 2014
quoted 249.9 a gallon/charged 274.9 gallon left no delivery slip at residence. Bad regulator, lost most of full tank of gas. They say my responsibility. Manager will not return my calls after promising by office girl to do so. Took 9 days to deliver gas. I ordered 200 gallons...they...

FerrellGas / delivery delay

lucia Smith on Feb 7, 2014
On Monday I ordered a propane refill from Ferrellgas for our propane tank which was almost empty. I didn't hear anything from them until Weds and called and they said that I was scheduled for Weds. Feb 12th but they would try to get here "as soon as they can.". The propane heats our...

FerrellGas / Fail to deliver

SD Hodgson on Dec 26, 2013
I am a loyal 7-year customer of FerrellGas, and have a contract with them. I called over a week ago for LP delivery to my home, and was told it would be delivered before Wednesday. (Christmas) On Tuesday (Christmas Eve) I called to confirm delivery because it had been a week. I wa...

FerrellGas / Slow to respond to an emergency

TracyDV on Oct 18, 2012
I reported a propane gas leak at my home at 7:08 in the morning on Tuesday, October 16. It took them over 2 hours to show up. Here's a short version of what happened. I was leaving the house at 7 am and was overwhelmed with the smell of propane when I walked out my front door. I...

FerrellGas / No-tank rental

Slasher1 on Mar 3, 2011
I lived at 50 Nunn Rd. in Greensburg Ky... In Febuary of 2009 I called an told Ferrellgas that i was moving the first of April and would no longer need thier services my bill was paid in full at the time of the last fill up!!! The tank was empty and they were not to come fill it again!! I...

FerrellGas / Ferrellgas

When I offered to prepay for a lower price per gallon on my fuel oil, a price of $2.09 a gallon was agreed upon. I continue to be billed $2.29. The first time I called to complain, I was assured the billing would be changed to reflect this agreement. NEVER happened. Now that they have the...

FerrellGas / Low Usage Fee

Ferrellgas has charged me a fee for NOT using a service. I pay an annual rental fee for their propane tank, and they have the arrogance to charge a fee for not filling the tank every year. I do not have that in writing on the agreement I signed with Ferrellgas, and they cannot tell me when...

FerrellGas / Hard to Believe but True

I could write a book on how incompetent this comany is. My first bad experience with them was finding their driver on the side of the road claiming to have a heart attack. In fact he was drunk and had to leave the truck on the side of the road and be driven home. I will make a long story...

FerrellGas / price/lack of service/no call backs

past several years price each delivery was outrageous, when I called to complain they had excuses -sorry computer error, you are an established customer you will get lower rate etc. Last year I received a 700.00 credit on one bill. this year I called multiplle times for a delivery, wa...

FerrellGas / Unauthorized Charge, Ripped off and then Ignored!

Below, the text of the complaint I sent to Ferrellgas via their website. Planning to call the corporate headquarters and write a physical letter as well. This is totally unacceptable... " Greetings, I am a new Ferrellgas customer, and I am very dissatisfied. On January 28, I was charged...

FerrellGas / Prices & Service

I usually don't complain about companies, so I might not be very good at it. Here goes! Friday I called Ferrellgas and spoke with Carolyn. There's the first complaint - she was AWESOME. She answered ALL my questions in a friendly manner. (I HATE THAT) Then, when she got to the price...

FerrellGas / Deceptive Billing

If you choose to use Ferrellgas as your propane provider I can only suggest that you read every single word written on every piece of paper that they send you. They have been my provider for 10 years, and during that time I've always used their Auto Bill service, whereby they charge a...

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