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Hi Citroën Management, I have Citroen Xsara 2001 manual. four weeks a go it was no starting, and after checking the battery, I found that the problem with the dynamo. I charged the battery and took it to the Citroen agency in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. after two or three days they called me that everything in the car is ok, it needs only new dynamo. I told them ok please install new dynamo and I'll pay. after tens of follow up and phone calls they told me that the car electricity became crazy, and the right signal light is always working and left one is not working. I told them you created this problem because it was not there when you receive the car from me. they told me that we are unable to find the root cause of the problem and can not resolve it, and advised me to repair it outside. till now after one month the car still not running and the problem that they created still there and no one can resolve it. I can not believe how a big and international company like Citroen deal with their customer with this very very low level of quality. this Riyadh agency is horrible in everything, communications, professionality, experience ...etc. they do not want to work. they are very lazy, just imagine that they took around two weeks to replace that dynamo and create another problem. as a customer I am vey disappointed and I am expecting immediate corrective actions. thank you and sorry for long message. Mohammad Gaber

Dec 19, 2015

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