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CitiMortgage / constant collection calls but I have no late payments and they cannot get their system to stop calling me

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The auto system calls every day and has for weeks. Never have been late on mtg. they know that they system should not be phoning me and they are unable to get me out of their auto call records.

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  • Je
      12th of Mar, 2009
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    Same here. Citimortgage constantly calls us, even though the payments are not late. Plus the try to over charge us for escrows. They have sent me an escrow notice stating my payments are going up effective April 1st by $110.00. My insurance increased by $13.00 a year and my real estate taxes have not increased. How can my payments go up by $110.00 a month for a $13.00 year increase? This is similar to what they did last year and it took me 6 months to get it straight. I have asked to opt out of the escrows - but I have yet to receive a phone call regarding this option. We shall see.

  • Je
      11th of May, 2009
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    Same problem here! They are driving me nuts. Half the time the recorded message hangs up on me, like they know they shouldn't be calling. I have called customer service several times, one person said the phone calls would stop, yet after 4 calls, I had to call again to complain. I was told there was nothing they could do. I am currenltly trying to refi out of Citi - I can't stand it anymore. Go bother someone who has had a late payment and leave the good customers alone!

  • Mc
      24th of May, 2009
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    These guys are HORRIBLE. I will NEVER have any dealings with any branch of Citi as long as I live...and I intend to close my Bank of America accounts as well. I've been out of work since Jan 1...this is the first month that I haven't been able to make my payment - 3 DAYS after my payment was due, the phone started ringing and hasn't stopped! Multiple hangups...calling at all hours...just had another call today (SUNDAY!) and another hangup. Nice that they disturb my Sunday with a hangup. Thing that infuriates me is that I have been COMPETELY upfront from the beginning - told them that I am out of work, don't know when (or if) I can make the payment - I'm trying the best I can. You would think with that info, they would call off the dogs, at least for a week or so...the phone RINGS and RINGS and RINGS and RINGS. Like they're expecting the story to change 40 minutes later. Then give me the BS line that "they can't stop the automated system". BULL!! Someone designed and maintains the system...FIX IT! Give me a break...I'm not even 30 days behind. Can't wait to see what happens with these jokers then. I'm going to complain to the FTC, FCC, Atty General and anyone else that will listen. This is nothing more than HARRASSMENT. I wish I could find a lawyer to go after these vampires.

  • Lr
      11th of Jun, 2009
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    we to have never been late, spent 75 min on phone trying to resolve it I asked that a copy of my conversation be sent to me after the 4th person a Nicki employee # nl86247 did I get some place I said these calls started after I had asked about refinancing with them she slipped up and said that triggered the calls I responded you are profiling me because I asked for a lower rate she became quiet I said maybe congress will like this I told her to be sure our taped conversation to be sent to me she said they do not send copies of calls I said we will ask for the tape in a discovery motion for 24 mo my payments have been made eft on the 13th of the mo just like it was with AB Amro were my mortgage started we all need to come together and make congress stop all companies from doing this Larry

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