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I have been trying to get Citimortgage to correct my credit report for FIVE YEARS now!!

It is incorrectly reported on my credit report that my house is foreclosed with a zero balance with no payment received since 2003. Yet, I AM making my monthly payment of $1260.00.

I have repeatedly faxed them copies of my credit report and proof of payments. This has been disputed for numerous times and each time they tell me that it will be corrected and it has not been yet. When I call they act like it's no big deal and usually the customer service rep hangs up on me.

How can I receive a monthly statement with all the correct information on it but they can't report the same information. I spoke to a manager today who said that by looking at my file Citimortgage has not even reported to the credit agencies since 2006 regarding my account. Citimortgage is a joke...

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  • De
      Nov 05, 2008

    my second complaint but not my last. i called to find out the protocal for handling an insurance check. i was told to endorce it and overnight it to them (which i did the cost being 14.00 to do it) with letters from my contractor. I have spoke with several different people some names are amanda hebble, mark, jean harvon, raymond, edith and others i have forgotten. while speaking with these people and not getting any satisfaction i asked to speak to a supervisor which i was refused. Can you believe they refised to let me hold for or even speak to one. If i could get my loan away from CITIMORGAGE i would. I stated repairs on my home with my own money, so my roof would stop leaking and my personal property from getting wet and now i cannot get any money released to replace this or get the other repairs done that is needed even though they have the insurance check that have been cleared with the bank.Customer care with CITIMORTGAGE at a time of need is non existing. Everytime i call CITIMORTGAGE my ulsers start acting up and i start throwing up. I would like the Federal agency's name where complaints of this nature can be voiced. I also have been dealing with them trying to correct incorrectly reported information on my credit report that my house is foreclosed on. How can it be foreclosed on and they have received at lease 4 years of payments since it was first repoted incorrectly. I NEED SOMEONE TO HELP ME> i even lost my temper and used a ugly word, which i do apolgize for, but i apolize for nothing else

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  • Mc
      Dec 29, 2008

    You don't call the company for the disputes, on the credit report.
    You need to contact the credit reporting companies, they'll fix it. EQUIFAX, EXPERIAN, TRANSUNION.

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