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I have been on the phone and on hold for 2 hours today so far. Citimortage put a $9.95 charge for an optional product on my monthly statement with out my approval or knowledge. I called them to get it removed and was on hold for a long time. They said they could not remove it and I would have to call the insurance comopany and tell them to cancel the insurance. I called the number they gave me and was on hold for an even longer time. when they answered, they said they could not remove it with a customer number or a certificate number. I explained that I did not have those numbers, only my account number. They said I had to call Citimortage company back and get the numbers. I called mortgasge co. back and was on hold for a long time. When they finally answered, I found out that they were in India. I am in Texas. They then said I should write a letter and fax it to get the 9.95 removed. It should go to Gaitherburg, Maryland. My billing comes from Des Moines, Iowa. Customer Service is in India. They have sent me in circles all morning and I'm now very late to work. I ask to speak to the Manager in India, and was told that is inappropriate. I then throw a hissy style Texas fit. The manager finally comes on the line after holding for a long time. I go through my story again, and he says he will take care of it immediately. He puts me on hold again, and we are cut off or he hangs up. Now, how exactly do I call the Manager, Pragnesh, back in India? I am now 2 1/2 hours late to work for somethng I did not know about, approve, or want. Am I frustrated? am I about to get fighting mad? am I about to file a serious complaint about all of this? what do you think? What they are doing is a form of stealing. Texans do not take to that kind of unfairness, nor should anyone else. I will now spend more hours trying to find a needle in a haystack with the name of someone in a leadership position with Citimortage to send my formal complaint. They are protected so that we can't find them or talk to them.Would I ever use citiMortage again? NEVER. and I will pay off this note to get rid of them and never use them again. In addition, I will tell everyone what kind of company they are and how they run their an unfair and unjust way. If they are doing it to me, they are doing it 1, 000's of others. I can not tolerate that.

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      12th of Jun, 2009
    Citimortage - loss litigation/credit reporting
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    I was told my a represtative in loss litigation that our account would not be reported to credit during a time of trying to refi while we were put on a payment plan. I received a letter from CitiMortgage stating otherwise. I didn't sign and return the form as requested and starting making more calls to them. Jeff reassured me that this would NOT be reported and if it did to call in and have it removed. I have called because it has been shown on our credit and they stated to me that yes it would be shown. I have now been on the phone for over 2 hours back and fourth between 3 departments and no one can help me. I told them that if it still is reported and doesn't come off my report they can just have the house. I am done at this point!!!

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