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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved warning: post hamp denial lies and trickery

Warning to every citimortgage homeowner who receives a hamp denial. I was originally informed that if I...

citimortgage, inc. complaints - home modification loan

I just received a letter from Citimortgage stating that my loan is in default and I must pay $10, 803.61...

Resolved home modification loan

Long story short...I took a lesser position to stay at my company and reduced my income .. March/09 phone interview with citimortage, mailed back their compleated modification package, fedex W2s faxed whatever they wanted. June/09, My wife and I "DO pre-qual for home modification" 3 month trial period and told to reduce mortage 200 less a month.I called CITI in Sept/09 asking what the status is of the loan, I was told some one would call back.Oct 09 - Dec 09 still no call but we continue to make our reduced payment on time.Jan/2010 - Apr/2010 still no call. May/5/2010.I get a call from CITI to say "oh you were declined " (back in march 2010)Now they want $4, 995.20!!! Plus during this whole time citi reported my payments late to the credit causing my 3 credit cards to climb one (chase) to 29.99% and I had never been late with a any payments. We have been taken and may now loose our home.David AZ

  • Ma
    mamasan1 Jun 01, 2010

    We had a similar experience with them over the cousre of the past 12 months. NO ONE EVER returned a single phone call to us. They "lost" volumes of paperwork we filled out and faxed. then mailed to them. After one year
    and countless hours wasted on the phone trying to find someone at Citi that speaks english, we were told that we don't qualify for their "assistance" program becuase our loan is not in default, but we also don't qualify to refinance because we had too many late payments. YET - when our payment is 30 seconds late, they call my cell phone 5-6 times a day. they SUCK. We have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the FTC.

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  • Jo
    Joannna Jun 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Here is the email for Citimortgage's CEO Vikram Pandit:

    [email protected]

    Also, the phone # for the executive response team:


    I have also had the same thing happen to me! I emailed Mr. Pandit and had someone from the executive response team call me the next day!

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  • Ch
    chittybankassclownsmustgo Jul 15, 2011

    Exact same thing happened here. It's a god damn shame these companies cannot keep their ### straight any still make millions. The people that should be fixing these problems created by citi employees are too busy playing golf making assloads of loot for doing nothing but draining the economy and the country's money. There needs to be alot more of "you're fired" happening and alot less of "oh I'm supposed to be doing something to deserve this assload of cash?"

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Resolved ham program

I live in Miami, Florida and I also applied through Homeowner Modification Program a.k.a H.A.M with Citimortgage in April 2009. The Bank put me in a trial period which was supposed to last for 3 months. However, the period lasted from June 2009 until December 2009. During the trial period my mortgage payment was reduced from $3, 079.39 per month down to $2, 064.33 per month. After 3 months, Citimortgage was suppose to inform me (the homeowner) if I qualified for a permanent mortgage modification rather than being in a trial period. As previously stated, they inform me after 7 months that I did not qualify due to my equity in my home. They stated that I had enough equity in the home and that I can sell it to liquidate my mortgage in its entirety. However, I only own one house and its my primary home. I always paid on time prior to the Trial Period and during my Trial Period. I never missed a payment. In December 02, I made my December trial payment of $2, 064 and days after I received a letter from Citimortgage demanding the amount of $9, 238. This amount derived from the fact that since I did not qualify for the permanent modification, they demanded the amount of 7 months of regular payments rather than 7 months of trial payment. In other words, 7 months of regular payments totaled $3, 079.39 x 7 months= $21, 555.73. But the bank collected $14, 450.31 which derived from $2, 064.33 time 7 months=$14, 450.3 which was sufficient to cover for 4.69 months of regular payments. As such, I needed to cover for 3 more months to cover for a total 7 months I was under the Trial period. As such, per their demand letter I needed to come up with $9, 238 (to cover 3 months) within 30 days from December 02, 2009. As you can imagine, I was in shock to learn that the bank had 7 months to decide if I was going to qualify, yet I only had 30 days to give them the money before January 02, 2010. In December 2009, I became unemployed. I used to work as a Sr. Credit Analyst for a Community Bank which closed its doors in Dec. 2009. I could not pay the amount the Bank demanded in 30 days. I called Citimortgage the second week of February 2010, to pay the amount of $15, 533 according to their February statement amount only to learn that my loan was in foreclosure and that my case was handled by an outside attorney by the name of David Stern in Plantation, Florida. I learn that this attorney was being investigated by the FBI and had a bad reputation all over the [redacted]s. So I had no choice than to hire an attorney (costing more money) to fight for my case and obtain figures ASAP from the law offices of David Stern. I went to see my attorney for the first time on Feb 22, 2010. I don’t understand how this Bank took me to Foreclosure if I paid according to their Trial period Terms an amount of $2, 064 until December 2009. In February 2010 Citimortgage stated they sent me to foreclosure due to the fact that the amount of $14, 450 only covered 4 months of regular payment and as such I owe them 3 months of regular payments automatically making me 90 days delinquent. Since my career has always been in the Banking Business, they have drawn my credit down the hills by lowering my credit score by 150 points, and stating that I am currently in Foreclosure. Now I am not only in Foreclosure but can not get a job as a Credit Analyst. Their action has created a lot of damage in my family, my person and my career. I am even trying to bring my loan current and they are taking more than one month to give me pay off figures. I believe, someone needs to help homeowners like us, who applied for this program in lieu of reducing their mortgage payment only to find that their credit score decrease by more than 150, the Bank puts you in foreclosure and you now can not get a job. This is not right and I believe, Banks such as Citimortgage need to pay. By the way, my attorney told me I will most likely end up paying Citi’s attorney’s fees (Fees for Law offices of David Stern) because banks these days can do whatever they want. This is the reality of our country. Also, David Stern file foreclosure, without notifying me in writing and this is why they want me to sign a waiver of foreclosure. Is this the price to pay for applying for a loan modification? If you are interested in a Class Action Law Suit agains Citimortgage call Attorney Carlin Phillips at E-mail: [protected]@phillipsgarcia.com
Telephone (toll free): [protected], Ext. 112

  • Ha
    hannab Apr 22, 2010

    Hi Carivos, I am in the exact same situation as you — pretty much in every step! I have never missed a payment, never been late and had a stellar credit score of over 800 when I applied for HAM with CitiMortgage in August. Last week, after processing my application for 8.5 months, I found out that they had thrown out my application due to me not sending in some papers that they had requested. I complained and said that I have sent in every document they have requested and gave them dates I sent papers in and what was sent in and to where. CitiMortgage is now "investigating" my complaint to see if they will be able to reinstate my application again. They are supposed to let me know in the next day or so. I don't have very high hopes as they are investigating themselves and we can all guess who will be in the wrong...

    Anyway, if they insist on throwing out my application, not only do I owe them the difference between my regular payment and the required trial period payment of $13, 700 (and yes, I have 2 weeks to come up with that amount), they also have trashed my credit score, which currently are down 200 points.

    I just don't understand how this can go on. It is obvious that the banks aren't even a little bit interested in actually approving anyone for the HAM program. If they were, they would approve people as soon as they've checked that they are eligible.

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  • Bl
    bluemug May 15, 2010

    Hi Carivos,

    I thought I was the only one who experienced this ordeal with Citimortgage. Looks like I am wrong. Now I am convinced that this HAM program was designed to destroy people in difficult situation, not to help them. I think we should file a class action law suit against them to bring these vampires to justice.

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  • Bl
    bluemug May 15, 2010

    This is what happened to me:
    In April 2009 I lost my job. I informed Citimortgage right away about my difficult. After making the regular payment for two more months, I was not able to keep that anymore. Citimortgage advised me to apply for their HAM program (loan modification program), which I did.

    I was told that I would be put on a trial period for three months. During this trial period, they would lower my payment amount from my regular amount of $2660 to $1223. I was told that if I made all trial payments, they would make it permanent. I started to make the trial payment in September 2009, as they requested. During the trial period, I submitted all the documents they requested. Every month I called in to check my status, only to be told that they were still reviewing the completeness of my profile. I faxed in form 4056EZ four times, only because they couldn't finish the review and the form only gave them one month's authorization to pull my tax record. Between September 2009 and April 2010, I made countless phone calls to Citimortgage only to find out the review progress was still in progress. I thought they were indeed helping many people like me who are in difficult situation and seeking help from them. But I was wrong. After 7 long months, they finally sent the whole package to their underwriting team for the final review. It only took the underwriting team less than a week to deny my case (on 3/26/2010). After that, Citimortgage kept sending me letters requesting me to pay $22, 942 plus some late charge fees. I was totally shocked and deeply depressed. I tried my best to work with Citimortgage hoping that the HAM program would assist me during this difficult time. The whole family cut the expense to the bare minimum in order to keep the trial payment. Meanwhile, I have been looking for a new job. Apparently, Citimorgage care about none of that. They only care about collecting as much money from me as possible. At the same time, they trashed my credit score.

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  • Mr
    Mr. mike Jun 30, 2010

    I started a modification almost one year ago with Citi lowering my payments from $1900 to $1150. I was never late and sent paperwork that they kept requesting evey two months. Bank statements, check stubs, tax forms etc. Each time they said I should hear soon. Today I spoke to a woman who was rude to me from the first moment I spoke to her. I was making my payment as usual and when she asked me if there was anything else she can do I said yes let me know why this process is taking over a year and is there anything to expedite it. She responded by saying that I had been denied the HAM program two months ago. Noone let me know and this is the first I had heard. I said why she said for not sending in paperwork. I said I have sent everything numerous times and that was not right. I said is there anything I can do she said " Call your congressman" I asked for her name and she refused to give it to me finally she gave me her first name. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said thats not going to help you you are about to go into foreclosure and told me just pay 16k. I said if I had 16k laying around I would not have been in this situation. I finally got annoyed and ended the call. This whole program is bull and gets people in a worse situation then they were in to begin with. I guess I know have to hire an attorney and start the process all over again.

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  • Ed
    Edith Walker Jul 07, 2010

    I am in the same situation as you guys. Citimortgage is doing the same thing with me. we have to do something. citi should not be allowed to get away with doing this to people.

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  • Ne
    Nelly4126 Aug 03, 2010

    I have had the same thing happen to me. I don't understand how they can get away with this. I did exactly what they told me to do and have jerked me around since day one. I'm going to write to my congressman and everyone else that will listen.

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  • Ar
    ArtM Oct 08, 2010

    I having the same situation right now.

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  • Rp
    rp5rosie Jan 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Worst company ever! This is the 4th time i've tried loan modification with Citimortgage. They've lost paperwork, they've told me I was actually approved and I never got the paperwork and the deadline expired, another time the underwriters were writing up the loan and I was told it would take awhile, but when I called in to check, they said they had stopped work on it with no reason noted as to why and a new forclosure sale date was give. So, now the 4th time, I was told I could email the documents in. I did that was told it was all received and everything was there, then a couple days later I was told the docs couldn't be opened-maening the lady that said it was all there never looked at them. I then received a letter saying I had be given a months extension to get in paperwork or correct letters. When I called to check on this, I was told that they hadn't bothered to change the sale date even though now the sale date is a month before the paperwork is actually due. I asked them to put in a postponement on the sale and they say they've requested it(3times), but haven't heard back. I call and call...The sale is tomorrow and i am soooo pissed! Citi said they're waiting to hear from Fannie Mae, but I called them and they said this was up to Cite, not them! Citi told me to call the lawyers office handling the sale, so I did and they said the same thing as Fannie Mae-its up to Citi. Do they not know what they are doing there?-I am just about out of time. I was told the person in charge of my file will be calling me when she comes in, but she works the nightshift, so it'll probably be too late to do anything since the Lawyers office will be closed. i told the person I spoke to that and was told that there was nothing she could do. Maybe I can sue them for fraud or something-since I do have the letter they sent me with the month's extension...

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  • Sh
    shawn seevers Mar 08, 2011

    my modification started in june of 2009. finally got straightened out march 4th 2011 when i sent them a check for $8900 to pay the amount behind that was there because of their B.S. loan modification.citi mortgage is the worst, most unprofessional company i've ever dealt with.i will definately refinance with someone else as soon as i get my credit back up.i hope someone is able to sue the crap out of them!!! a class action suit would be nice

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ripoff #s

Citi Mortgage customer service is the worst in the world. You can be transfered to several different people and all are incompetent! After signing up for a loan modification to help us keep our home these ###s ruined my credit! I had never been late with any of my accounts in the last 12 years and have made my test payments on time. I asked no less than four times if this would adversly affect my credit and was told no, it would show as credit neutral. What a bunch of liars!
So, I contested my credit report that was showing 90 days late and after talking to CITI they updated my account to 180 days late. These scammers have been putting me off for over six months now on my modification. I dont know if it s going to be approved or not. There is not one person at CITI that can tell me anything. I think they just make up a bunch of ### to tell people. Two people at CITI can not tell you the same thing. These CITI creeps were the first to ask for bailout money after their prediator lending practices almost bankrupted this country, now they will steal more from the country by collecting more loan fee's without actually helping anyone. What a despicable company! May CITI go under and all their exec's rot in hell!

  • Ci
    CITI Hater May 05, 2010

    I had the same thing happen to me. Citi LIED and LIED and LEID some more. Everything has been a big lie. I specifically asked the bimbett who took the information for a "Loan Modification" if I should continue making my normal mortgage payment. She replied no, just send the new amount I have told you. It will be on your documents that you will receive in a few days. I asked again... should I make my normal payment... she said no. Just pay the amount we ask. Once we see if you can pay this amount your loan will be modified with a lower mortgage rate. I asked what rate, she replied 2%. It didn’t make sense to me but none of these Government assistance programs do!! Then I asked her what happens after the 4 months of the reduced mortgage payments. She answered. You will receive new mortgage papers to sign. After 6 months IU received a phone call at about 8:00 pm and the gentleman said my mortgage is seriously delinquent and unless I bring it current within a few days it will go into foreclosure. I said wait, I was processed for a loan modification and was told to wait for documents. He said no, you did not qualify for loan modification. I asked when was this decision made and by whom? He said it was not his department all his job was to collect the past due amount. Yes, they ruined my credit and have affected my business relationship with vendors. This has caused much stress and embarrassment with fellow workers. After talking to another department at CITI the person agreed 100% with me that I was misled by employees of CITI but to protect his job he just could not put that in writing, however he would work through their departments to rectify my credit status as long as I made up the past due amount, which I did in 3 days.
    A month has gone by and I have not seen or heard of anyone working on or fixing my credit file. I THINK I HAVE BEEN HAD BY A SWEAT TALKKING CITI WORKER. You just can't trust these people or the company.(CITIMORTGAGE) I'm willing to put up some money and get a good class action attorney to review our claims and file a huge class action lawsuit. Remember they got @ 75 billion to do loan modifications for those that cannot afford their current mortgage or their property suffered a substantial decrease in value. (Thanks Barney Frank). If you want to join with me on exploring a class action please write to RAY at this address [email protected] There’s strength in numbers. Thank you.. May the Exec's at CITI sleep very badly every night for the rest of their lives!

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  • Vi
    Vic Peed Jan 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are doing the same thing to me, is there any that can be done?
    V Peed

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  • Vi
    Vic Peed Jan 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Is there a class action suit for Citimortgage?

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gave wrong information to client

Been trying to work with Citimortgage to try to get a short sale approved for my house. My husband lost his job due to CHF and they have given me wrong information since day one. Everytime I call there I talk with a different person and the information is never the same. They tell me that person shouldn't have told me that. Well they work for you so how do I know what is the truth or not. They told me I had to be 3 months behind before I could even be considered doing a short sale. Now, the next person I spoke to says that is incorrect. I just don't know what to do when all they want to do is lie to me. We are a single income family with medical bills out the cazoo and I am doing the best thing I can. It's not like we wanted this to happen.

  • Da
    DaveEichner Apr 09, 2010

    I am going through the same with CitiMortgage I was paying and paying and paying to catch up but they just kept saying that I was still behind. I settled for an in lieu of sale back to Citi and they keep on stalling. This company is a fraud outfit and needs to be closed down by the Government. My interest was so high that all of my payments were going to the interest ONLY. That is why I was always behind, they are theives and everyone involved with them is paying OTA and there is no way out as I am seeing now.

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Resolved loan modification program - lack of follow through

I have been working with CitiBank since January of 2017 to modify my loan. I have submitted my paperwork with...

Resolved home modification loan

I applied for a loan modification with Citimortgage in July 2009 after my husband was laid off for almost two...

Resolved house fire didn't stop payment now in foreclosure

My house burned on Feb 1 2009, Called insurance company, citimortgage. According to insurance company and Citimortgage my mortgage payment would stop until final inspection to move back in. I finially got my first 1/3 of insurance money which of cousre as you know has to go to Citimortgage, to start the rebuilding of my 80% loss of my house. I hired contractor and 1 month into rebuilding I get a letter from Citimortgage that my house is going into foreclosure the sell date is March 3rd. Now they have froze all insurance money and tell me I need 20, 000 dollars to catch up my mortgage or it will be sold. I was told by citimortgage that claims department didn't tell the finance department that my house burned and now I cant get an answer from anyone not even the Lawyer Citimortgage told me to call. So please tell me what I'm suppose to do they still have my money to rebuild and won't even talk to me.

  • Au
    AugustP Jun 04, 2010

    Get yourself a GOOD lawyer. CitiMortgage isn't going to help if you dont have someone on your side that can force their hand.

    1 Votes

Resolved refinance nightmare

I have been dealing with citimortgage for a "simple" home refinance for 4 months now. Moving from and adjustable rate to a fixed and have been their customer for over 9 years. I have been given the run around from eleven people in the last 4 months. My loan was finally supposed to close in two days only to find out today that the underwriter hasn't actually even approved my loan yet and now they need documentation, for the 3rd time, that was origionally sent to them 4 months ago. I will never work with this company again. I have not found one person there who honestly cares about their customers. Have not been one day last on a payment in 9 years and expect more from a company than this. Empty promises and no results. Each person I talked to told me they were finally the one who was going to take care of me. Liars!

  • Ri
    ric773 Apr 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Celialee - Did you refi with a local broker? If so, who. Please call me at 719-964-7934.

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  • Ro
    RobinRenee Jones May 14, 2010

    I am also in the middle of this. I was told it went to the underwriter on April 19. Since then I also contacted a girl named Nancy phone number 702-696-7700 who told me it could take up to three weeks. It's been almost 4 weeks and I have heard nothing. I have also been a customer for eight years with no late payments and also have a 2nd mortgage with them when we added on. I am very frustrated.

    Robin Jones

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Resolved a form of stealing

I have been on the phone and on hold for 2 hours today so far. Citimortage put a $9.95 charge for an optional product on my monthly statement with out my approval or knowledge. I called them to get it removed and was on hold for a long time. They said they could not remove it and I would have to call the insurance comopany and tell them to cancel the insurance. I called the number they gave me and was on hold for an even longer time. when they answered, they said they could not remove it with a customer number or a certificate number. I explained that I did not have those numbers, only my account number. They said I had to call Citimortage company back and get the numbers. I called mortgasge co. back and was on hold for a long time. When they finally answered, I found out that they were in India. I am in Texas. They then said I should write a letter and fax it to get the 9.95 removed. It should go to Gaitherburg, Maryland. My billing comes from Des Moines, Iowa. Customer Service is in India. They have sent me in circles all morning and I'm now very late to work. I ask to speak to the Manager in India, and was told that is inappropriate. I then throw a hissy style Texas fit. The manager finally comes on the line after holding for a long time. I go through my story again, and he says he will take care of it immediately. He puts me on hold again, and we are cut off or he hangs up. Now, how exactly do I call the Manager, Pragnesh, back in India? I am now 2 1/2 hours late to work for somethng I did not know about, approve, or want. Am I frustrated? am I about to get fighting mad? am I about to file a serious complaint about all of this? what do you think? What they are doing is a form of stealing. Texans do not take to that kind of unfairness, nor should anyone else. I will now spend more hours trying to find a needle in a haystack with the name of someone in a leadership position with Citimortage to send my formal complaint. They are protected so that we can't find them or talk to them.Would I ever use citiMortage again? NEVER. and I will pay off this note to get rid of them and never use them again. In addition, I will tell everyone what kind of company they are and how they run their business...in an unfair and unjust way. If they are doing it to me, they are doing it 1, 000's of others. I can not tolerate that.

  • Dg
    DGinFL Jun 12, 2009

    I was told my a represtative in loss litigation that our account would not be reported to credit during a time of trying to refi while we were put on a payment plan. I received a letter from CitiMortgage stating otherwise. I didn't sign and return the form as requested and starting making more calls to them. Jeff reassured me that this would NOT be reported and if it did to call in and have it removed. I have called because it has been shown on our credit and they stated to me that yes it would be shown. I have now been on the phone for over 2 hours back and fourth between 3 departments and no one can help me. I told them that if it still is reported and doesn't come off my report they can just have the house. I am done at this point!!!

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Resolved refinance

I guess I'm joining the ranks of people who detest the practices of CitiMortgage. Because of Obama's "home affordable" program, we supposedly have the ability to refinance with our existing lender ONLY. Any other lender and the cost would be prohibitive. So we tried to refinance with CitiMortgage - our existing lender. We qualified with no problems (income, FICO scores, etc.). We paid the $400 application fee. CitiMortgage proceeded to "not proceed" with the loan process. We were told that our new payments would begin in September... by December, they still had not closed the loan. Everything expired (loan lock, documentation, etc.) and they cancelled our paperwork. Essentially, they took us for $400 dollars, and we still have a loan we can't afford. Where are the consumer laws that protect the consumers from this type of scam?

  • Je
    jennifer Jan 22, 2009

    we have an existing loan with citimortgage so we went to the local branch office and asked for a lower interest rate. they assured me this was fine and that i needed to reapply for the new rate. i did. then my spouse did. i got one letter saying we were rejected and another saying the file was being reviewed. i never got one phone call. when i called they told me to apply again because the "information" was inaccurate. i asked the for the manager and got no where.
    it isnt supposed to be this hard. how can i have a loan with them and be rejected for the lower rates offered now???

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  • Jo
    Joeymeehan Mar 31, 2009

    I called Citimortgage to ask about bringing me down from13% interest rate. I was told to bug off. When I requested the contact info for DAS I was told NO WAY.

    This company has the robber baron mentality and are ripping of US

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  • Kh
    khiker Mar 24, 2010

    Typical of Citimortgage. Their behavior is unconscionable.

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Resolved on-line payment errors

The Citimortgage web page allows consumers to pay mortgage payments on-line. If you click modify my next payment it will draft two payments instead of the one you modify. This has caused me a lot of issues with returned item fees because of the software error. The customer service stated to me that this is a known issue and they cannot fix it. They did reverse the transaction, but intead of sending it directly back to my bank, they cut a paper check and sent it via snail mail. To top it off they even sent it to the wrong address.
The customer service rep kept telling me that he knows how i must feel. My response was, no you don't because if you knew how I felt you would put my freaking money back were it belongs and do it today.
To top it all off they refuse to cover any returned item fees Iincured because of the software error they are resonsible for.

  • Ry
    ryger3351 Apr 21, 2011

    Yes. I can attest to the same. It happened to me exactly as the original-poster describbed.
    I spoke with a rep via telephone, and she told me that was how to change a payment date.
    But lo and behold, it got to payments drafted back to back in the same week.
    Bring your programming back to the continental United States of America!

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Resolved escrow account strong arm

In October 2009, CitiMortgage "discovered" that my 2008 taxes were "delinquent." They were not. Unemployed, I was paying off the taxes with a monthly payment of $200 (in addition to having nearly $200 a month taken by payroll deduction from my wife's paycheck and put into an escrow account for the 2009 taxes, a practice started over 13 years ago). In October, I went back to work and my first item of business was to pay off the remaining taxes, which I did by electronic funds transfer from my bank (Bank of America) to the Mecklenburg County Tax Collector for some $486.28.

That is when CitiMortgage decided to pay the bill they thought was past due, $687.74 (they didn't even bother to contact the tax assessor to determine what the exact amount owed was.)

CitiMortgage then notified me that they had set up an escrow account (which I had never asked for nor applied for nor needed) and that my new mortgage payment would be not the $1, 103.74 I had been paying for years (and never missed a payment) but would now be $1, 505. 70 and I must make and immediate "escrow shortage" payment of $1, 003.74.

When I contacted them, they were less than sympathetic, even when I produced documentation form Bank of America and the Mecklenburg County Tax Assessor proving that the funds I said had been paid, were in fact paid. In the documentation was proof that CitiMortgage had received a refund of $201.46 in October and an additional $300 in November which were a result of my direct payment. I explained, again, that the escrow account was not needed and should be closed. I offered additional documentation showing that the escrow account established some 13 years ago had more than sufficient funds to pay the 2009 taxes.

Nevertheless, in November CitiMortgage paid my 2009 taxes. Another letter came in December, demanding immediate payment of the "escrow shortage" and immediate payment of the $1, 505.70 per month. Another conversation proved fruitless, though I did send the CitiMortgage tax department a certified check for $1, 838. 43 to reimburse them for the amount they paid in error.

You would think this would have solved the problem, but NOOOO. January comes and I now have an even larger "escrow deficit" and a new threat: We will not apply any funds paid on your mortgage to the principal or interest until all monies are paid in full and the new payment amount of $1, 505.70 is received.

Now, despite assurances from Brent and Gary and Ben, my home is being threatened with foreclosure and CitiMortgage is reporting me as delinquent on my mortgage payments.

Another phone call. Yes, we've received your payments. Yes, we received the refunds from the Tax Assessor. Yes, we received your cashiers check for the 2009 tax payment. No, we will not close the escrow account. No, we will not stop demanding you pay us $1, 003.74 for the "escrow deficit" and NO we will not accept any payment but the now $1, 342.67 monthly payment that includes a $269.00 a month escrow payment starting in March 2010. You still owe us a payment of $1, 505.70 for February. If you do not pay, we will be forced to take whatever action we deem necessary to collect the money owed.

Here's are the facts: I have never missed a payment. Never needed an escrow account (I already have one). CitiMortgage made a unilateral decision, screwed it up and now they expect me to pay some $5, 000 total to pay my 2008 taxes (which the Tax Collector documents have been paid), my 2009 taxes (which the cashiers check - which they cashed - paid them back) and some $4, 000 in escrow to pay a $1, 800 property tax bill for 2010, which is already being paid from the escrow account I established at Bank of America some 13 years ago.

Somehow, after screwing up the mortgage industry and taking a bath, the remaining good customers of CitiMortgage are supposed to "chip in" by paying escrow payments they never had before, higher payments if they had an escrow account ($4, 000 for an $1, 800 tax bill is a little outrageous) along with increased fees to pay their bill.

Here's some suggestions: Pay your mortgage every 3 months so you never get to the point where they can foreclose. Paying every 3 months means you're only 60 days behind. They can't foreclose until you're 90-120 days behind. Open a checking account at an obscure state bank in a small city and write your mortgage payment on that account. It'll take 4 to 5 business days for them to get their money. Pay on the very last day you can by snail mail and get the envelope hand canceled. Your mortgage payment is based on the date the letter was mailed, not when it was received.

Last, but not least, call them on their toll free number often to complain. It doesn't cost you a dime and it adds to their expenses. They can't stop you, cause if they do, they face all kinds of penalties for denying access to bank officials by bank customers.

And if you can, find another mortgage company. I am.

Resolved dishonesty

I am writing you today to alert you of what appears to be a standard practice for CitiMortgage Inc. I say standard practice because my research has found that others are having like issues and have noted them here on Complaints Board and at the following web site: /URL removed/ We have recently experienced a nightmare associated with CitiMortgage when I lost my job. Faced with a family to support and unable to make the mortgage we kept in close contact with Citimortgage who obviously did not care and did not help with our situation.
While trying to work with CitiMortgage we experienced a variety of dishonest actions and inability to work with our situation preventing us from being able to purchase another home. In short, we made several attempts to obtain a working solution and were completely ignored with the exception of empty false promises. We submitted request after request for assistance with no response except that they lost it or needed it again totaling four times in six months. We were told to pay a little extra and they would not report it as late to the credit bureau and after a couple months of paying extra they still reported it late. They stated that if we brought the account current they would remove some of the late payments reflected on the credit and did not after we complied. Based on that offer we lowered the price and sold the home losing a total of One Hundred and five thousand dollars of equity. Now the big kicker is that after we notified them we had a buyer they quickly sent the home into foreclosure running up the bill even farther.
While employed we maintained a perfect payment history. We recently wrote a letter to the CEO CSanjiv Das requesting assistance yet again met with less than adequate results. The purpose of my correspondence is to see if they would be willing to make a "goodwill" adjustment on the reporting of our account to the four credit agencies. Based on the agreement we have with them the Foreclosure was withdrawn after the property was sold and therefore considered as if it never existed. Their records will show that we attempted to broker a satisfactory solution several times during my unemployment and eventually sold the property satisfying all financial obligations to both them and their attorneys. Unfortunately, the reporting and any reference to Foreclosure have made it impossible to obtain another Mortgage of which my family would like to do now that I have obtained a secure job with the Department of Defense.
I know that payment was my responsibility and I am not attempting to justify this breach of our obligation and agreement, I was however hoping they might review the circumstances under which this situation occurred and consider removing the negative trade line associated with our account from my four credit reports. They refused.
As soon as I became aware of the issue I contacted CitiMortgage and was able to find a buyer paying the balance in full. I provide this not to justify why the account was unpaid, but rather to show that the issue with CitiMortgage is not a good indicator of my actual credit worthiness. They are not required by law to report any credit history but if they do that history must be accurate.
We simply asked CitiMortgage for a courtesy gesture of goodwill in having the credit bureaus remove any reference to foreclosure and RF on this account from my report, which would be in line with our agreement and dismissal without prejudice reflecting that the foreclosure was withdrawn as if it never happened. I do recognize that this request was unique and that it may not be normal policy and asked them to please consider that the Fair Credit Reporting Act does not demand that all accounts be reported, only that any account that is reported be reported accurately.
CitiMortage was less than cooperative and these examples of their dishonesty and lack of community responsibility demonstrates their part in the destabilization of America today. Please pass on these examples to your staff and committees for consideration when making laws and voting on support for these institutions.

  • Sh
    shanagale May 17, 2010

    I have googled complaints and found that Citimortgage has habitually told customers that the modification process would not be reported to the credit bureaus. I have applealed to Citimortgage as well as via each credit bureau. Citimortgage will not do a thing!

    Liars that have ruined my credit - This company has sucked way too much energy from me as well as countless hours on the phone, and horrible customer service.

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Resolved loan modification from hell

I've been dealing with Citimortgage for over a year now. It all started with our misfortune (disability) and wanting to keep our house and not uproot our kids. We had informned them of our misfortune and tried a workout solution with them. We filled out all the paperwork and sent it in to the address provided and no word. When we would call them, they had no information on us filling out a workout solution. We did this two other times througout the first year with no success. We have been sent to collections, and been served papers of possible forclosure proceedings. We are still to this day filling out paperwork. We are trying to make our original payments to them and they keep giving me different addresses to send them to all across the United States and then when calling to see if they recieved them, they show no payment recieved. I've been passed around so many times that I don't know which way is up. Citimortgage is Hell on earth. Ive never been more fustrated and talked to so many people there that don't know what they are doing. They need a re-organization starting with the top! To this day, January 20, 2010 they still have not done my modification. We started this in October 15, 2008. I think they hope I have a heart attack so they can take my soul. But I think they already have.

  • Cg
    cgs Jan 20, 2010
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    Verified customer

    We also have our home mortgage w/citimortgage...The majority of mortgage companies don't give a damn about their customers they are there to make money $$$$$$$$$ thats what its all about...we have never been late missed a payment...but because the payment is really high we've tried to do a re-finance but we owe more than the house is worth...If this was'nt a VA loan we would just walk away from the house..because my husband is a disabled vet we are afraid they (va)would take his money to re-cover their losses...so we are stuck...with all these Obama plans it seems like there would be something in there for ALL of us!!!

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Resolved forbearance agreement

I have a family of 7 and our mortgage lender is Citimortgage. We struggled financially during the Fall of 2008, due to farm crop loss, resulting from Katrina's rainfall. I notified Citimortgage, who offered hurricane relief funding thru their Loss Mitigation Dept. We were placed on a Forbearance to Modification Agreement. For the following 3 months I submitted documentaion to Carol Martin in the Loss Mitigation Dept of Citimortgage. The paperwork was "misplaced " by Citi multiple times. February 2009, I received a faxed agreement stating an approved forbearance and were told that if we resumed payments and they were received in a timely manner, after 3 months the loan would be modified to a more affordable, lower payment. Somehow, the hurricane relief funds were never allocated to assist us and I was told that the Forbearance for a few months would have to suffice. The agreement included a balloon payment at the end of one year, in which Carol Martin said was not an issue (since the loan would be modified in 3 months). At the end of February, I received multiple phone calls from the community questioning why my home was listed to be sold in a sheriff's sale on March 4th. I called Citimortgage and spoke to Carol Martin and was assured that this was just an "embarassing mistake". She stated;" the agreement has been signed by both parties and notorized, this was a careless mistake and my home ownership was secure." Well naturally, we were very concerned. Afterall, Citimortgage had a history of losing our important documents. Well sure enough on March 4th Icalled the sheriff's office for a little "peace of mind", and our home had been sold. I was in utter disbelief, even the local banker delayed the sale of our home until receiving confirmation from Citimortgage that it was a "go". I called Carol Martin (loss mitigation counselor), who seemed to be overwhelmed in disbelief as well. She immediately summoned her Supervisor and began trying to process a solution for this error. You can only imagine the embarassment of this ordeal, coming from a small town where my children were taunted at school about the sale of their home, before arriving home that day. I have 5 children and was anticipating the eviction from my own home. Weeks went by with no word from Citimortgage. As a matter of fact they failed to ever notify us of a resolution. March 24th, I received a letter from our insurance company stating that our homeowner's insurance had been cancelled as of midnight March 4th, reason being - "the loan had been paid in full". Two weeks later, lightening hit our home directly, destroying electronics, light fixtures, and wiring. I notified Carol and she spoke with her Supervisor, who said to submit a damage report and cost and Citimortgage would cover it (since they had accidentally cancelled our insurance). We continued making payments until June of 2009, regardless of the ownership issues. In June I paid our payment via phone, as usual, and somehow Citimortgage managed to deduct not one but three payments of $1, 184.00 from our checking account. Well talk about putting someone in a bind, this caused multiple insufficient check charges. Once again, I notified Cit of their very costly mistake and was told that the money could not be refunded since we were on the forbearance agreement and had missed payments(the year before, during the hurricane issues). Instead, they could apply the additional payments towards the following months. However, the money was never applied and this caused a lapse in July and August payments, resulting in the termination of the agreement. In September, I received a letter indicating the Forbearance to Modification agreement had been cancelled and I was mandated to pay approximately $8, 000.00 in order to maintain ownership of our home. Otherwise, the house would be sold in a subsequent sheriff's sale. I was informed by my attorney that Citimortgage had "paid off" the party that purchased our home at the previous sale and now they were wanting to settle with us. I purchased my home in August of 2001 for $125, 000 and have paid monthly payments ranging froom $1, 028 to $1, 264 per month. I am on a fixed rate of 6%. Since the fiasco of excess payments and agreement cancellation, we have been unable to pay monthly payments, only the $8, 000 will be sufficient. Citimortgage is now wanting to refinance our loan in an effort to "reduce" our payments, which was the original goal. However, the following is their offer obtaining the goal: They will not cover any damages to the home during which time the Homeowner's Insurance was lapsed(due to their error). They will give a small lump sum( maybe enough to cover attorney fees). They will refinance our loan for another 30YEARS AT 4% interest rate, resulting in a decrease of $160.00 from the original monthly note and reinstate insurance to cover the lender only.Oh and if we don't accept the offer, they can take our home, because we are technically in default!.The assistance offered by Citimortgage has resulted in our paying an additional 9 yrs towards paying off our home, with the original loan amount of $125, 000, at a lower interest rate( to save $140-160.00 monthly, and they will NOT cover any damages to our home while we were left uninsured. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. This fiasco has almost destroyed my family, psychologically and when it's all said and done they will still PREVAIL!!! Whave sufffered tremendously from their incompetence and have no choice but to submit to them for another 30yrs, because I failed to mention that our credit scores have been destroyed, after a foreclosure( that never happened) and our homeowner's insurance was cancelled(no company wants to insure our home after a policy was cancelled, no matter the reason!). With all Obama's efforts to mandate mortgage companies to work with homeowner's, how is it they can still get away with anything?

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    amspecial Jan 20, 2010

    I appreciate you sharing your story and I'm sorry that we all have to learn the bad practices of Citimortgage from your loss. I don't understand why these companies are allowed to recoup the monies they think they are entitled to from innocent people. I will share this information with everyone I can and I hope Citimortgage goes under and will not be able to escape by filing bankruptcy.

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  • Tr
    TralSmith Dec 30, 2010

    Try a class action suit - http://cases.milberg.com/citimortgage.

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Resolved harassment calls

We have a mortgage that was with another mortgage company (Bank of america) that was bought by citi mortgage. We have a standing electronic withdrawl payment that is made every month on the 15th as per our agreement with citimortgage scinse my husband only gets paid once a month on the 15th.The cut off date for it being late is the 16th. EVERY MONTH from the 3rd to the 15th we get constant phone calls at all hours of the day and nite. We were assured by the company and many many supervisors we are in good standing and have NEVER been late on a payment. EVERY customer service rep that calls we explain this too they look it up and agree with us and say the calls will stop. 2 hours later someone else calls. Then after a great strugle to talk to a superviser (THEY NEVER WANT TO GET ONE) they agree and it still does not get fixed. THIS IS HARASMEBT> We are even sending a siece to comunicate letter though I douubt it will work. If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Resolved bankruptcy dept

I just got out of bankruptcy in August of 2009 and while I was in bankruptcy I received all of my house statements. Now, they will not send me a statement saying that they have not taken it out of their bankruptcy department. They told me it would only take 30 to 90 days. I am going to be behind on my payments because I don't know if they have changed the amount I owe or where it needs to be sent to. They are always changing where to send the payments. I do not want to lose my house because they can't keep their records up to date.

  • Ri
    richard h. fletcher Oct 14, 2010

    please e-mail me the mailing address for the bankruptcy service center for citimortage i can, t find it anywhere. e-mail to me at [email protected] account number 06536275335-4 thankyou. richard h fletcher I got some very important papers i need to mail them.

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Resolved cannot find payment made electronically!

In short... I sent my payment through bill pay as I always have. They said they didn't get it. Three months later, more than 10 calls to them, collection calls from them, a hit on my credit and 2 faxes with proof of payment, it still is not resolved. Today I finally got a "stateside representative" who had all the information on my account. Did you know that you can always ask for a "stateside representative"? I didn't until today. I have spoken to people from India to the Philippines. I am holding out a little bit of hope that it will now be resolved. If not, I will update this site again.

  • Te
    Terri Bell Jul 10, 2011

    I am so upset with Citimortgage at this point.
    My husbands hours were cut at work & we were
    Late on our mortgage a few times. We never
    once avoided them or not called them. To
    get caught up my husband called in April to
    set up 2 automatic payments for the month of
    May, one for the 15th the other for the 24th.
    Since we knew we were going to be able to
    pay them both off at the same time my husband
    called on the 10th of May to cancel both
    payments, and rep advised us that they were
    canceled. Now on the 27th of May we made our 2 payments for 2, 248.80, for April-May from my account Wells Fargo. On the 31st on Citibank
    Account was overdrawn because Citimortgage never canceled the second payment. We called spoke to a rep who advised she seen the problem & "corrected the issue". Now 2 days later it was submitted again, we called spoke to several people because now once again our account is overdrawn. They wired $1, 163. to our Citibank account. When we questioned why did they do that? The representative then tells me that they sent back one of my payments. By now I'm on fire!! My first question if I'm owing you why will you send me back payments and second if your sending payments back wouldn't you send it back to the financial institution you received the payment from? No one have answers, they've made a mess of our account to cover up their wrong. I am very close to getting lawyer. A large company like Citimortgage can't keep customers records together. There's more to my issue but this is the basic. And we are not denying that
    we were late, we accept full responsibility. But when we make our payments we would like for it to be recorded. They are the worst!!!


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