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I purchased my car in 2005 and the lien holder being Citi Financial Auto. At first everything was good because I paid my payments on time until last year. I lost my job after being employed for 6 1/2 years and was drawing unemployment until I could find another job. Still making my payments on time until October of last year when my hours were cut. After calling the CS department (which you stay on the phone forever) I was told I had to speak to my account manager. My account manager would never return my calls and when she did call back, she was snotty and rude. I could never get anywhere with her and she would only tell me to pay up or they would repossess the car. It took me up to May of this year to get my car payments caught up. Which was fine with them and we were to have an amendment done so that I would not owe May's payment. The amendment was never done by Citi. I moved from Indiana to Montana at the end of May. In June I called them giving them all of my information and work info so that I could get the bills needed to make my payments. It was then I spoke to James who said the amendment wasn't done and I was a month behind. I hadn't started work yet, and let him know that. Since that time now two months, Citi has called my place of work 7 times, friends and family numerous times and has made threats to repossess the car. I'm not sure what else to do with the loan company or what avenue to take anymore. In the state of Montana, a creditor cannot call your work, but that has not stopped Citi. I have told them time and time again, you will get your money and I have just started my new job. When will it end???!!! They won't listen to me and I've had it! No one in the company is willing to look at the case because I have been late 30 times in 4 yrs of having the car.


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      Jul 16, 2009

    I am having a horrible time getting them to leave me alone at work also. I have told them I do not have a home phone and they cannot continue to call my work. They have told me that I have to have a phone, I in turn told them it was nowhere in my contract that I am to have a phone. Once they give me a phone and they pay all the phone bills, then they can call me all day if they'd like but until that day comes, they need to remove my work number from their database. They advised me they have taken it off now 6 times but yet they continue to call me at work. I also am having problems with them charging me around 2500. more than what I financed. They informed me that I was late 32 times since I have had the car which I bought in 2004, they can't inform me of why they have added this amount to my car loan. I have asked to speak to a supervisor there for 5 years now and never got to talk to anyone until today. I spoke with Lana, she couldn't explain it either. I can't find anyone who can explain this to me, they keep telling me the same thing over and over again: Your payment is split up when we apply it to your account, some goes to interest and some goes toward the principle. I advised them this is normal for any loan, that still doesn't explain why they've added all this to my loan. If there are any late fees, they are to collect them when I make a payment so I don't understand. I just wish I could get somewhere with these people. I can't wait until I pay it off which will probably never happen cause they keep adding and adding. I am thinking we should all file a massive lawsuit against this company. If anyone has any information that can help me in anyway, please reply. Thanks

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      Jan 28, 2010

    WARNING - WARNING - WARNING!!! Never have Citi Auto finance your car. these people are out of control. If you are ONE day late on your auto loan, they start calling your home, work, friends, family. Not once a day, but every three hours from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm. If you don't answer the phone or they don't get the answer they want, they start texting you. I lost my job two years ago and have been doing the best I can to make my payments on time, sure I'm late sometimes it's been hard meeting all my bills. But they get paid within 10 to 15 days after my due date.

    I was temping at a company that was considering hiring me. One day I called Citi to let them know I would be late on my payment. From that day one, Citi started calling this company every day. After my assignment ended they still kept calling this company. The person who now had the phone number I used to call Citi was now being harrassed. So this peoson went to the HR department...the HR department called the agency I was temping with. The agency was very upset with me and said they wouldn't send me out on any temp assignments again, they couldn't take the chance that Citi Auto wouldn't call another company and upset them too!!!

    I thought there were laws stopping creaditors from harrassing people!!! No one deserves this kind of treatment. Does anyone know of a place or person I can go to to complain?

    I'm scared everyday...this company will come and take my car. I hear horror stories all the time that they just showup and repro cars.

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