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Citifinancial / Unethical practices of citifinancial

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I have an excellent credit score and an excellent record of paying bills on time. In fact, I have no other credit card debt except for the small amount that was charged to CITIIFINANCIAL account from 1800 Mattress. And the only reason I opened the CITIFINANCIAL account was because 1800 Mattress offered no interest payments, if I opened the CITIFINANCIAL account. Majority of the time, I have made significantly higher payments on this account than what was minimally due. I believe CITIFINANCIAL intentionally avoids mailing out statements in order to generate income from late charge fees. On two separate occasions I have not received these statements and therefore missed my payments. As I am a very busy professional with a young toddler, keeping track of statement due dates was not one of my priorities. Therefore, I expect the companies such as CITIFINANCIAL to uphold their duty and mail the statements on time and every time. I have never had problems receiving other mail, such as utility bills or credit card statements from other companies. Since this occurred on two occasions, I believe this is done intentionally and is an UNETHICAL practice of CITIFINANCIAL. Since I am making all the payments with no interest, this company is not gaining a profit from my account. Therefore, I believe by not mailing statements and charging late fees is an UNETHICAL practice that this company utilizes to generate profit from each customer. I have called to dispute this late charge and the customer manager suggested that I mail a letter of dispute to their lawyers with evidence. As it is impossible to provide such evidence, I have decided to payoff my account but felt the need to share this information. My goal here is to inform the public of this complaint and suggest that by all means, PLEASE DO NOT USE CITIFINANCIAL FOR YOUR SERVICES.

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  • Pu
      28th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Is citifinancial a part of citicorp group. I understand Citi filed bankruptcy last month(Nov.) They are still no good. Citifinancial bought my loan from no good Associates Capital Bank; Citi kept my same account number from the Associates Financial debt. When I call Citi to inquire on the balance of loan using the account number I am told "that is an invalid number. Where did my payments go.

  • Ti
      28th of Dec, 2009
    +2 Votes

    It is your responsibility to pay whether you receive a statement or not. How much control do you think they have over the post office? If you're so professional, you can handle it.

  • Pu
      28th of Dec, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Is citifinancial a part of citicorp group. I understand Citi filed bankruptcy last month
    (Nov.) Citifinancial is still no good they bought my loan from no good Associates First Capital kept my same account number and when I call Citi to inquire about balance the automated voice instruction says put in account number after I put in same account number it says "Sorry that is an invalid number I call again and again until I get a live person and repeat to them my account number then I am on hold for almost 45 min. Even my account statements from Citi has that exact account number on it. After all these years sending timely payments to an invalid account number. I faxed copies of letter to Mary McDowell, Pres. & CEO Citifinancial to Baltimore, MD, also spoke to her secretary.

  • An
      26th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    They are money vultures to the core. All they care about is $$$$$.
    I noticed recently the last couple of payments that were over $200 were oddly... ADDED to the total... as if I didn't pay a thing. So now I'm wondering, WHAT THE HELL did I pay over $200 for, if they're just ADDING the money I paid, to the TOTAL I had in there!!!

    Seriously, I think this whole company is one big effing SCAM.
    I have been paying this loan for nearly 5 years now, and see NO signs of improvement in it. If anything, I'm getting higher and higher in debt, because I'm paying WAY more than the damn minimum.
    Looking at better business bureau... they got an F. Not surprising, but what IS surprising is... WHAT THE HELL are they still doing AROUND? Then again, all the money they've been sucking out of poor joes like us all, is what is keeping them afloat. Hell, they've threatened to garnish my wages once or twice. EVEN WHILE I'M PAYING MORE THAN SUPPOSED I'M TO!!!

    And the harassing calls, omg. I've told them repeatedly to NOT call me at work, the owner does NOT like calls like this going on while work is VERY VERY BUSY... which is ALL the time.
    They've called me while I'm in class in the middle of a lecture almost every week... Sure, if I'm behind in payments I don't mind the reminder but when I'm paying on time, why the hell BOTHER!?

  • Kh
      26th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes


  • An
      22nd of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Miscellaneous 07/26/2010 $264.22 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $8, 103.71
    Payment 07/26/2010 $264.22 $264.22 $0.00 $0.00 $7, 839.49

    Funny how a payment I MADE went UP the same amount, eh?
    that 264.22 is what I paid in July, and reviewing it... It went up THE EXACT same amount...
    Isn't that illegal?
    Yes I'm aware that it was applied to the interest, but the SAME day I paid that much, it went up JUST that amount?

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