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Citifinancial Auto / Santander / My loan was bought by rude co!

1 P O Box 183036Columbus, OH, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 888-288-6601 (citifi)

I purchased my car from Citifinancial Auto 2 1/2 years ago. I have made every payment on time since then. Last month I lost my job & called Citifinancial Auto to ask for a deferral. I was told I would be sent something by fax. I waited for over 4 hours and never received anything. I called again and requested it again. I was told I should receive it within an hour. Two hours later - nothing. I called the next day & was told that I had to wait until AFTER my payment was due & ask for lower payments for 6 months to help me out. I called 2 days after my payment was due & was told my loan had been sold and the new company Santander in DFW did not offer this service. Now I am 21 days late & am receiving calls 2-3 times per day as well as my husband 2-3 times day. I have never received anything from Citifinancial Auto telling me that this change has occurred. I cannot even get in touch with Citifinancial because when I call I get redirected to the new harrassing loan company. Anybody got a class action lawsuit for harrassment going on out there yet??

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  • Dw
      29th of Sep, 2010
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    I completely agree with you. I never received an email, letter, phone call, ANYTHING about my CitiFinancial policy changing to Santander. Even if I was naive, I still needed to speak w/ a rep just to get the correct pronunciation of the place! The 1st person I spoke w/ acted like she could care less, the 2nd person I spoke w/ was just giving me the usual "I'm sorry" responses customer service reps are trained to give. The told me a letter was sent out on 9/10/10 to my address and even up to yesterday (9/28/10) I STILL have no form of notification!!! I politely told them, until I receive something proving to me that they are ven legit, I'm not sending them a dime! This may hurt me in the end but I pay too much $ monthly to just take their word for it that they are for real. I got my vehicle via CitiFinancial late 2007, and everytime I tried to check Citi's website to register, it has ALWAYS BEEN DOWN, so why should I believe them??? I saw on another site where someone w/ the same complaint suggested the Federal Trade Commisions or District Attorney but I still need more research. I also told them, the same money I pay Citi monthly can EASILY go towards an attorney so if we have rights, we might as well find out asap!!!

  • Cj
      4th of Oct, 2010
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    a wealth of info.
    A debt collector CAN NOT….
    Telephone you an unreasonable number of times
    Contact you after written notification that you do not want to be contacted any further
    Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is another place with good info.

    I was with CitiFinancialAuto and they sent me nothing about the "sale".
    I then had this person (Santander) calling and telling me that I need to pay them X$ for my auto. I queried as to who and what they are and how they have my info. I got the standard reply and told the caller until I see it in hard copy you won't get a dime. I finally rec'd the letter on 29 Sept 10 as to what is going on with CitiAuto etc...
    I now have an acct # etc and the ways to pay.
    I had seen a post on another website about this company, and the poster was 2 months ahead on his payments and still is being called to for the next payment.
    If this is what we have to look forward to I think bankruptcy is a viable to this nonsense and harrasment.
    PLEASE NOTE: have have several call centers from across the US, Canada and India. It will show several different names - ConsumerUSA, XO Interactive, Santander. If you don't answer the Santander calls they send it from another location e.g. 469-540-5260 Texas call, 613-230-2890 Ontario, Can call, they say they are doing a survey on Banking & Financial Institutions, 800-294-7691nameless, 817-887-0121 nameless, 514-288-0420, Quebec call about money,
    Another thing you can do, is record your incoming calls from anyone you don’t recognize from caller ID say upon answering “This call may be recorded for accuracy of any and all financial dealings“

  • To
      9th of Oct, 2010
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    Lawsuits Santander - first off Santander is one of the worst companies for customer service I have ever heard of. if you can refinance or trade in your vehicle do so so that these guys dont make any money off your loan. That being said, Santander or any other finance company is under NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to offer any type of payment assistance. Your contract is the only guarantee and is the final word. As for the alleged harassment, its very difficult to prove. I work in collections for a agency for a living (I am a professional and do NOT condone any violations of FDCPA). FDCPA and the associated state laws only apply to third party collectors. First party collections is not governed by FDCPA. If Santander OWNS the paper then they can call you basically whenever and as often as they like as long as it doesnt violate other criminal harassment statutes (like calling at 3am and threatening to cause bodily harm). If Santander simply SERVICES the loan and the loan is still owned by Citi then FDCPA applies in its entirety. Under FDCPA I know that they are allowed to speak with you ONLY ONCE per day regarding the debt. It gets tricky as they ARE permitted to contact you again in the same day if they believe (and can back it up) that you gave them inaccurate, incorrect, or false information. They can also contact you again if you request it. If they do not speak with you they can continue to call as much as six to nine times per day, every day, until contact is established...although the
    law is vague and does not give a quantitative limit. Based on what i've read above, you are not being harassed as such...although you could argue it's not the best use of resources at 21 days past due. You are not able to reach anyone at CitiFinancial Auto largely because there isnt a Citifinancial Auto anymore. Finally, a class action lawsuit or any lawsuit would be fruitless unless you can prove Santander violated FDCPA. To do so, i suggest you record any and all calls with them although you generally must disclose this fact. To prevent collection calls, send a certifiedmcease and desist letter to Santander. Upon receipt of this they have to cease contact except by mail. Be advised however that these greatly increase the likelyhood of a lawsuit against you if you default on your contract. Plus, who knows, they might have something GOOD to say sometime down the road!

    D-wise- I would do the same thing as you would regarding the legitamacy of Santander. You never know nowadays. What I would do is request validity of the debt, and have it sent to you via certified mail. You can also call CitiGroup itself (not citifinancial auto) and they should be able to confirm. From what Ive read the lawsuit talk is baseless and would just cost you a ton of money, destroy your credit (assuming you quit paying on the loan), and could result in a lawsuit aganst you for contract default. Santander sucks, dont give them any ammo to put you in a bad light.

    CJB57- good info on FDCPA and for consumer rights. Bad idea on bankruptcy. Yeah you could file, but unless you are truly broke and pass the bk means test you wont be able to file for chapter 7. A chapter 13 is more likely, and in a chapter 13 you will still end up paying the same payment or lose the vehicle...and even if you lose it you will still have to pay towards any deficiency as the trustee sees fit. Even if you do qualify for a chapter 7, you will lose tge vehicle to reposession. Add that to thousands of dollars in attorney fees and the 10 year destruction of your credit and it all adds up to a very stupid decision taken just because you didnt get a letter on time. Cutting your nose off to spite your face is never a good call. Good info on FDCPA and especially on recording calls. Gotta keep them honest!

  • Ch
      14th of Oct, 2010
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    Because of my current financial situation, I had a new loan amount negotiated with Citi-Auto to lower the payment of my car from $497.00 to $298.00. I requested that amount be a permanent payment, and never heard otherwise. I made my payment of $298.00 since that agreement. When I got a letter from Santander, they sounded like a credit collection company. They had a large amount of money listed as what I owed, and it seemed like they were a collection agency collecting on a debt of that amount. Citi-Auto made it sound like I hadn't made a payment since May! How could that even be? My car would have been repo'd a long time ago! Now I am finding out Citi-Auto sold my loan to Santander, and didn't supply them with accurate information. My car is a 2005, has body damage, has repairs needed, and is worth a fraction of the loan. I can no longer afford a loan amount of $497.00, and I think it was unfair to sell my loan to another company, and completely ignore many payments I had made to Citi-Auto. Frankly, to get rid of these HIDEOUS AUTO-LOAN COMPANIES, I WOULD BE HAPPY TO HAVE THEM TAKE BACK THE CAR! THE ABUSE FROM CITI-AUTO, AND NOW SANTANDER, HAS BEEN ENORMOUS, AND I AM SICK OF IT!

  • Ch
      16th of Oct, 2010
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  • Fr
      26th of Oct, 2010
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    I have/had an auto loan with CitiFinancal Auto...Have not received a statement from them since September. Mailed a payment, using a copy of an old statement and it was returned to me. Now I have this company Santander calling my cell phone non-stop. I didn't know they bought out CitiFinancial Auto! Received NO notification. Not knowing who these people were, of course I have ignored their phone calls. Guess now I will have to deal with them! Frustrating how these companies can just sell loans and information to any other company without notifying the customer!

  • Ch
      16th of Dec, 2010
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    I also had a loan with Citifinancial Auto. I had gotten behind on my payments due to unemployment. My husband finally got a good paying job so we were in the position to get caught up slowly. Citi told me that if I would pay 1 regular payment, then I could make a payment every 2 weeks until I got caught up. I made the 1st of 3 payments and then 2 weeks later when I called back to pay the 2nd payment, it redirected me to Santander. I had not received any notice that they were switching. They were telling me that I had to pay the total amount I owed that day or they would come repo it the next day. I owed $255 for the 2nd payment, $255 for the 3rd payment and $105 for the late charges totaling $615. When I told them that I had arrangements already set up with Citi, they said that although Citi still owned my loan, Santander was servicing it and they could do what ever they wanted and didn't have to keep previous arrangements I had made with Citi.

  • Ov
      25th of Dec, 2010
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    i am so pissed.i get calls all day long on both my listed home phone and my unlisted cell.the calls are so crappy.they dont even bother to leave messages anymore they just sit there breathing in the phone.i did receive the letter that santander would be servicing my loans from whenever on but of course was given no options on whether i wanted to move my loan to be refinanced by another company.when i called to get info from santander the woman was consistantly rude to me.she basically treated me like a piece of crap.she basically told me i was stupid and didnt know what i was talking about.i was informed that from now on if i wanted to make a payment on my account that i would have to pay extra everytime no exceptions.then she said that it was the same as when i paid at citi.when i told her that i never paid an extra fee to make my payments over the phone she called me a liar and said there was no way for me to make my payments unless i paid the extra processing fee.she told me that even if i were to pay online i would still pay the with her being so rude and i dont just even have an extra $12 to pay out more to them i told her i would overnight whatever payment.this woman actually got more rude and said i would have to pay more to overnight it, to which i told her that i would rather pay the postal services to mail my payment with a freaking smile than to pay one more cent to her smart now i have to mail my freaking payments everytime rather than having them automatically removed from my account when i call it in or schedule it online.also i requested a payoff on this note and i was told that i could just go online and look it up to which i asked for it to be mailed and i never received this payoff and i could not access it online either.i also inquired on making additional payment toward the principal balance and was told any additional payments i made would just be applied as regular payment.which by the way means that they apply like $100 to the balance and take the rest.that is such crap.shouldnt extra payment i make go to what i want them to?i have 18 more months on this loan before it matures and i cant wait.i will not get a car payment loan again due to the amount of frustration and crap this has caused for me.

  • Un
      28th of Dec, 2010
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    Wow I am so glad to see I'm not alone on this - I mean dont get me wrong I'm sorry we all have to go through this but its good to know I'm not alone. I'm in the same boat that nobody has notified me what is going on with CitiFinancial or that Santander took over and why did they take over. I just started getting calls that I owe them money and I'm late etc. Now how is it that I wasn't late w/ CitiFinancial but I'm late w/ them? I asked them numerous times to send me invoice or bill in the mail and finally now I get it but between the time I get the bill I get I dont know how many calls from them. When i do talk to them they are rude and when I question something they dont understand why I'm upset or what I mean that they are rude the way they talk to me. I just dont understand how can a company be the way they are and get away with it. Then again maybe its in their name "Satan"der . They should of given all of us notice that they are taking over and option for us to stay or leave or something like that. I still dont get why or how can they get away w/ being so freakin' rude to us over the phone or heck even if you contact them on line they are just as rude. I did that once did a live chat and that person was so rude and HE ended up hanging up on me. (yet nothing was resolved) when I called back of course the next person was just "i 'm sorry this and that" but still no help. I used to pay on line or over the phone w/ NO FEE w/ CitiFinancial now you can't do that and why not?? How can they use the same sevice but they charge you for it? I can just go on and on w/ my frustration w/ them but it wont do us any good will it? :( hope they will be brought out by someone else ASAP.

  • Cj
      30th of Dec, 2010
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    Please note everyone! Santander is a COLLECTION AGENCY
    I have not been able to find any way to use that company to finance anything.
    DO NOT give them a right to make automatic withdraws from checking, savings, etc... They might clean you out and collections agencies seem to get away with too many things.

  • Ov
      27th of Jan, 2011
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    well this is just an update...i still have not received that blasted payoff note i requested over 3months ago. i get calls night and day even if my account is one dang day late...hello isnt there a grace period of like 15days, stupid witch stop calling. anyhow, i understand that maybe this is the job of whoever is calling to sit there and wait to dial my number but seriously is it a requirement to be the most hateful person to be a collector for this stupid company...i know for a fact that it is not actually ok to demand payments like this company does ( i actually work for a call center for a collections company so i know that there are certain laws that have to be followed. so i dont understand how this company can and does get away with all it does...makes me sick. ) but i am hoping to refinance my loan very shortly with another more reliable company. oh yes and to the "do not give them your banking information" i seriously totally agree. and if you send them a check that is postdated for a later date i would not suggest sending it before you know you have the money in the account because they will send it through on the date they receive it and it doesnt matter if the date was for 2weeks later than they received it.somehow they are able to make it pass through the banking systems to draft.BE VERY VERY CAREFUL WITH YOUR BANKING INFO AS THEY WILL FUDGE UP YOUR BANKING ACCOUNT AND THEN THEY ARE NOT LIABLE.

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