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Citifinancial Auto / Harassment!

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This company is horrible when it comes to customer service. I have been behind on my payment, but never 30 days or more! My payment is due in the 9th of the month and on the 10th they are calling my phone and my husbands phone sometimes up to 6 times everyday EACH!!! I consider this harassment! I know I am not the only customer who has ever been late on a payment, and I am positive that there are many customers who are VERY behind. After speaking to them they asked me several questions like... Why is the payment late, Will it be on time next month...! My problem with that is they are RUDE! They make you feel like you are the only customer they have that has ever been late and talk to you like trash. It's obvious if i didn't pay on time that I don't have the money, and I don't know if I will pay on time next month, I need to make sure my children are fed and have a roof over their head first. They don't care to hear about your hardship, they just want their money. I sure the person on the other end of the phone has been through a tough time at one time or another. Maybe they should realize if it were not for people like us using their company, they wouldn't have jobs to pay the bills they are probably behind on too. I am in the process of trading in my car just to get rid of this company. I would never recommend Citifinancial Auto to anyone.


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  30th of May, 2008
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i know how you feel, i deal with them too!!!
  1st of Jun, 2008
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  1st of Jun, 2008
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Stop being a baby, you owe them money and are not sticking to your legal obligation to pay by the due day and they will happily stop calling the moment you pay your bills. Take responsibility for your own lack of responsibility.
  13th of Jun, 2008
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No, they don't care about your hardship. You promised to pay them a certain amount of money on a certain day every month. If you couldn't afford it, you shouldn't have bought it.
  31st of Jul, 2008
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They are true loan sharks. Thaye should be put out of business. They harass you day after day, and they tack on all this "INSURANCE" that when it comes time, you cant even use!! Do NOT do business with them!!
  13th of Aug, 2008
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Yeah i am dealing with a major rude a$$h0le. i called them back to speak with them about arrangments and that there is a payment via paper check sent to them via postal service. i am late but they and have discussed with them several times what is my situation. They don't care about anything but there money. I spoke to a supervisor (MR. robinson ext 43233) if you want to bugg the Sh!# out of him like they do us. He is as rude as a sh!# Turd.
  19th of Feb, 2009
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I've been a customer of Citifinancial Auto for two years and have never been over 30 days late. If you do not pay within 10 days the collection phone calls begin and come nearly every single day. It doesn't matter what you tell them. If you say" I'll make that payment on the 25th" they'll still continue to call you every day until the 25th. There is no such thing as "arrangements". Their attitude is that if "it is unpaid than we will continue to call". This company was a recipient of Federal Stimulis money and continue's to "waste time and money" on duplicate calls to people who don't have a record of paying over 30 days. I have programmed the numbers they call me from in my phone and I note the days and times they call. The numbers I have are; 817-837-7838 (call originates from Ft Mill, SC), 817-835-3214, 803-835-2500, 817-835-3237, 888-350-9063, 817-835-3255, 803-835-2505, 817-835-3291, 817-490-6499. If any of these numbers show up in your phone, it is Citifinancial Auto.
This is not collection, this is "harassment" and it's time we start petitioning the government to stop them from these "rotary" call practices.
  6th of Oct, 2009
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I absolutely agree! I'm full on board to file harassment charges against this company. I have only cosigned for my mother to get a car years ago, and she has never been over 30 days late. She has since fell on hard times and has begged for help with them. They said pay one payment and we'll defer the next, and then changed their mind and would not defer. Then, the second day after her due date, they are blowing up my phone and hers. This is harassment. She takes care of this account, and they need to work this out with her first, then if nothing can be worked out, contact me. But they refuse to work with her at all. She has always paid all of her bills. She's not trying to get out of paying, just needs some consideration. This is THE worst company I have ever come across. They are very rude. There are many companies today working with their clients in this horrible economic depression, and this definitely is not one that cares about its clients at all. I will never do business with them again, and will post these complaints everywhere I can find a place to.
  7th of Nov, 2009
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Happens to me as well
  7th of Nov, 2009
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Happens to me as well, I hate it
  13th of Jun, 2010
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I'd rather do business with a buy here pay here place than these idiots with usury rates. I know I signed the papers but does anyone really read the whole contract when buying a car. I'll walk before using them again. They suck
  22nd of Jul, 2010
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They keep calling my cell phone very early in the morning...like 7:30 am! I don't even have an account with them! They are a bunch of incompetent [censor]s!
  8th of Aug, 2010
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why don, t you all pepole pay on time and avoid all these things. you people are trying to cover your bad repayment with all this nonsense.

it is your legal and social obligation to pay on time .No bank will call you and have to spend so much on collection efforts which makes loan costlier for other good repayment customer.

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