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Citifinancial Auto / Harassing calls

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We have our payment arranged for automatic debit from our account. It was set up through them and is set for the 24th of every month. It has been automatically withdrawn every month for 6 months but, in the last 2 months I am receiving calls saying my payment is past due! The original loan date was the 22nd, but, when we made the auto pay arrangements that was a weekend date, so the person that set it up made it for the 24th. I have gotten no late payment fees, so that part is fine. These phone calls on the 24th start at 8 am and when you call them back to explain, this department appears not to know what is set up! No wonder they needed bailout money, they don't even know what one department does, from the other, within the same division! Heaven help us all, these "banks" are not in control of anything, except ineptness.

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      29th of Jul, 2009
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    Having issues with them myself, and reading everyone elses issues, I believe this company is dirty and they are doing their customers this way to be able to tack on more charges and interest. Thats whats happening in my case. Somehow the payoff on my account went up 600.00 in 10 days and no one at that company can tell me why, although they also refuse to send me a printout of my account. I have also been given 4 different payoff amounts in the same day by i notice in the mail and 3 reps that answered the phone each time i called back to try to get some help. Nightmare!

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      27th of Feb, 2010
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    This company is assisting Alqueada to cripple the American public.

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      14th of Aug, 2010
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    My car payment is only behind $145.41 for July and I get phone calls from Citifinancial starting at 8:30 am and continuing throughout the day. I got 5 phone calls in one day one day this week. I get calls from numbers that when I return the call it says it's a non working number. I get calls on a Sunday and yet the hours displayed on their site for the public does not include Sunday. I talked to a representative a day ago and explained I'll pay the July balance next week and work is slow at my job so we're in a partial layoff so I didn't know what I'd be getting in the future and the very next day I started getting calls at 8:30 am and throughout the day. I answered a call earlier in the week and when the caller asked if it was me I said yes and he hung up on me. I returned a call today and told the representative I'd talked to someone a day ago and explained my situation and yet I get calls all day long which is not necessary and is harassing. She said "I will take care of that. If we don't hear from you after one day then we call." I said that was the day after I'd talked to someone. She said "your account is in collections..." I was pissed off anyway because of getting so many calls so I hung up. How do they expect us to be home for all these calls if we work? We can't work and be home at the same time and one call a day if that is sufficient. Also, we only get paid ONCE a week so if someone says I'll pay you next week why keep calling all day from that moment on even before next week gets here? That's not going to get the paycheck to come any faster! I've even went on their website and applied for a payment solution and each time, I'm told "you do not qualify..." I'm trying but times are hard all over and things happen plus there are other bills to take care of. I was approved for a lower payment in 2008 but my citifinancial representative at that time turned around and screwed it up so it was denied and I've tried unsuccessfully several times since to apply for a lower payment but was constantly denied approval.

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