Citi Mortgage / harp re-fi

Fallbrook, CA, United States

After a seemingly hopeful start it became obvious that Citi mort just doesnt want to help my refinance efforts. I was trying to have my home refinanced to a lower rate under the HARP program. My rate right now is 5.75%- I was hoping to get something at least close to present rates. I have a loan to value within 2%... I have a credit score of 820 and a job with the same employer almost 10 years, although its in the construction field so I'm somewhat under employed and made only $29+k last year.
They offered me a rate of 4.75%, much higher than todays going rates. Because of this high rate I couldnt qualify given my current income ( which wouldnt even be an issue under this HARP program except that because the new loan would raise my payment about $100 a month and this brings my income into the picture, thus the denial of the re-fi) I asked them to please lower this rate just enough so I could qualify, and they refuse! ###- I hope they go out of business, oh thats right, their too big to fail! Now that they've been paid tax payer money for our mortgages...

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