Citi Finiancial AutoCar payment

I have had a loan with Citi Financial for over 4 years now. they set me up on a automatic payment plan for 6 months. At the time they gave me a date of April 20th that would be the last payment due to them and then I would have to call them back to make arragements. Aafter callign them in April to fin out if the payment was going to be taken out and may, they told me that no there wer no more automatic payments wset up and that I would have to set one up for May or call my payment in. May approached, and not only did htey take the money of thge accoutn but it withdrew my account for 500 in fees. I spoke to over 20 differnt reps and managers, and 3 of the names I was given were later found to be falsified names. Their cusotmer service was horrible, they hung up on me after I was polite and explained my steroy over and over again 10 differnt people in the course of one phone call. they are horrible to deal with and they need to get American reps not foreigner who cant speak English.


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