Circuit City Assurance Warrantynot honoring warranty

In August of 2007 I purchased a Sony Viao Lap Top from Circuit City...which was my my favorite store to shop for electronics. I purchased the lap top for 3700.00 including the 360.00 for the 3 year extended warranty. In January of 2008 My Boo (my doggie) stepped on my key board and broke it, I sent it in for repair and tried to get a new battery, they said I would have to get it fixed and send it in again for the battery..why I don't know. I never did call back for that battery, knowing that they really do go bad after a year. In 2009, what happens Circuit City goes broke...yup I just assume (I know what that means yes) that their warranty company went along with it. I am have problems with it getting really hot but continue to deal with it because I think I have no warranty and I know I have no how would I pay. I started getting email from Circuit City when they started up on line and I searched their website and low and behold the warranty company still exists and it's bragging that all old warranties will be honored. Yippee, because on the 4th of July my computer crashed and it's in need of some serious work. I called them and wait for about 30 minutes on line when Marvin comes on and a very thick Indian accent...tells me that I only bought a one year warranty and it expired in August of 2009. Hmmmm..If I only bought a 1 year warrant how can it expire in 2009 if I purchased it in 2007. Ok fax me a copy of the receipt u have or email it to me. I cannot do dat ma'am it is confidential information and we are not allowed to release this information. But it's my confidential information, what the ### are you on??..Let me speak to a supervisor, ok 2 minutes ma'am. He comes back on the line after a few minutes and says the only supervisor working is busy with another customer and he is just going to say the same thing that he (Marvin) has already told me. I said no doubt he's with another complaining customer and in the entire office you guys only have that one supervisor??...Yes Ma'am. Ok give me the address of your offices, now as soon as I said this Marvin let out an audible laugh as if to say, yeah right, good luck with that. I got the message and I thought yes Marvin you are correct I will be wasting my time writing a company that could give a damn about me, a complaining customer. So the best way for me to get the word out I think, is to advertise for them. I am out of a 3700.00 computer that I paid for a 3 year warranty and I want some kind of satisfaction from knowing I'm getting screwed and not one kiss has been given. My big mistake was moving 3 times and losing my receipt...If I don't hear from Assurance in the next week I will contact the Federal Trade Commission..enough is enough...Thank you...


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