Circle K Storesstore filthy/unorganized, pos, and general staff incompetence...

I regularly go to store 1404 in Danville, il. I except that usually the store is messy and the management leave new employees alone in the store, while they (the group of them) generally stand around infront of the store smoking. The reason for my complaint finally now is that the link/POS systems are regularly down and wastes my time of going into your mediocre establishment.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Danville, ILThis and the fact that store 1404 was recently remodeled, I assumed your management would be keeping up on the cleanliness. The store now looks as filthy as it did before the remodel. The turnover rate at 1404 must be attrocious based on the fact there is always a new cashier and no one seems to know anything when prompted, which leads me to believe that their is seriously incompetent management as well as a horrible training system in place. I have finally had enough and I will just spend the additional fifty cents to get a soda from citgo across the street.

May 16, 2017

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