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On 11/22/2017 at 4:02pm I shopped at Store #2723959. Order #1575961. I requested a CARTON of Camel crush cigarettes. Thinking I would get the in store advertised CARTON price. The cashier told me she had to ring up each pack individually because her Manager (Matt) told her to ring them up that way. Costing me more money. I'm fairly certain this is ILLEGAL! I shop at many Circle K stores and never had any problems with getting a CARTON of cigarettes for the advertised price!! They even give discounts on purchasing multiple packs which I also did not get!! I don't know why this Manager "Matt" thinks this is acceptable but it's obviously NOT!! If this has happened to me. Think of how many other customers who have been defrauded this way. Makes me wonder if there are other issues with Manager "Matt" and his over charging of your customers. I would like a refund for the TOTAL amount charged to me for the 10 packs of cigarettes. My receipt states I paid $58.20 plus tax and that Manager Matt be confronted about this ILLEGAL practice and have this issue resolved immediately!!


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      Nov 27, 2017

    It might be against Marlboro's policies (or it might not, I can't say), but there is nothing illegal about it. No one has been defrauded. It you didn't like the price, why did you purchase them to begin with? Why not go elsewhere to buy your cigarettes? If you bring all ten packs back in unopened condition along with your receipt, I'm sure they will refund you. I'm hoping you aren't under the impression that you deserve to keep the cigarettes and get a full refund as that would be just ridiculous.

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