Circle K Stores / harassment/discrimination/hate crime?

Irvington, Kentucky, United States

Store #3326
Winter 2015

I've been a loyal US Hwy 60 East Irvington Ky 40146 CircleK customer for the past 7 years up until 2 years ago. My girlfriend walked into this store for a polar pop & was immediately & randomly kicked out by Jennifer. Two days later I walked in with my 5 year old son to get a gatorade before tball practice. As I was approaching the coolers I was also stopped by Jennifer & told (very loudly & during rushhour) "You can't be in here! GET OUT!" After leaving cluessless & embarrassed that my child had to witness such hatred, I got home & immediately called the store. The store manager Stacey answered I told her who I was by my first name & she instantly knew who I was. I politely asked 'Why I was just kicked out of the store so disrespectfully in front of my child & told never to come back?' Stacey's response was & I quote "You're allowed to just not your girlfriend." When I asked her 'why?' she then stated that "..She stole a box of chicken from the deli & until she pays for it she can't come back." I ended the phone call the same way I started it, politely "Stacey, my girlfriend & I both work hard to provide for our family just as you do I'm sure. We always took our things to the counter to be paid for & always paid with the exact amount. Where the money went after it left my possession & entered into your employees is not something that neither my girlfriend or myself should be held accountable for. Thanks we'll take care of it." A week after this phone call with the manager Stacey, ("You're allowed to just not your girlfriend.") I walked inside to pay for gas & before I knew it I was being kicked out once again. That was the last time I walked into that store.

I've called corporate & left many messages since this has happened 2 years ago & have not received a phone call or email back about the incident. These employees have not only harassed us but bashed both of our names in our 2 mile long country town. They've portrayed us both to be thief's to our community (as well as my son) & would very loudly announce it to the store before kicking us out.
Our biggest concern/question is were we targeted because we're a lesbian couple?

May 13, 2017

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