Circle K Storesemployee selling drugs/making plans to in store

J Nov 19, 2017

While visiting big bear california in anticipation of the first snow fall i overheard a employee in uniform (the girls name tag said coleen) talking to a customer about "picking up" so she could give it to another customer later in her shift. I heard norcos and something that i didnt quiet here. This is disgusting behavior. This girl is handling drugs and store merchandise? What if she or her friend drop something in store and a child finds it?

I also found it inappropriate that they where kissing in store on her shift.

I dont care about your employess personal lives but that kind of behavior shouldnt be tolerated in store, especially by an employee. It doesnt make for a very professional or safe enviornment. If shes using the store as a place to distribute drugs? Does that mean the people shes selling to are doing the drugs behind your store? I will not go back to this store while that girl is working.

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