Circle K Stores / employee harassment

439 s. Duncan Dr Tavares fl.
There is an employee that works here, I do not know her name. She has been constantly harassing me, flirting at the counter and now she has roomed with someone next door to me and continues to harass me. Today, myself and a neighbor were outside talking and she drove her bicycle into the lot. The neighbor asked if she lived there and then she continued to mock me about vandalism that occurred to my vehicle, laughing. I was not sure if it was really her but the neighbor confirmed it was an employee at that exact location and even informed me that she does drugs.
I don't want to go into my regular circle k being harassed for absolutely no reason by an employee that now has a grudge on myself.
Her description is
-short heavy set
-kind of spiked hair
-african American
-black and white bike

Nov 21, 2017

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