Circle K Stores / employee

Keansburg, NJ, United States

Hello my name is Marla I'm writing you in reference to a specific employee in your keansburg New Jersey store. I have over the past 3 months had to use your store being that is the closest to my home but as of last week I now walk 5 blocks to the 7 11 to avoide confrontation with an employee named sherry. The very first time I entered your store she has given dirty looks attitude and even cursed me. I have complained to who she told me her manager was a nice women named Dayna. However she has no respect for customers. If she's not to busy texting while customers wait to pay she's calling them names and screaming igt's like the twilight zone I can't believe she's allowed to treat people this way. I'm happy to say she will not with me anymore. I hope you fix this problem for your stores own longevity nobody will deal with her long.

Oct 26, 2018

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